Saturday, 21 December 2013

Bloop Nail Polish Bloop指甲油

        Hey my readers! Today I'm going to talk about nail! If you're my Instagram follower of Facebook friend then you should know that I'm a huge nail art lover! Bloop has launched their nail art series and nail art junkie like me must try them out! Let's check them out now! 


First thing first: Where to buy Bloop nail polish?
The most convenient and recommended way will be from HiShop! 
Hop on to HiShop's website and you will find a wide range of Bloop products! Check them here
Make your order, sit back and relax and the products will be delivered to your door step in the cute hot pink box! 

Tada!! There are so many nail art products under Bloop including nail polish, nail strip and toe strip! 
Today I'm going to try their nail polish first!

What I really love about HiShop is that they will always ensure that you will receive your beauty products in a piece by proper bubble-wrapping! I gotta say that they really care what we as costumers want~ Nobody wants to receive leaked and broken nail polish right? 

Unwrapping the bubble-wrap and here is my Christmas & Chinese New Year themed nail polish! Hohoho! Red is such a festive-related colour that I personally love so much! By the way, this is Glam Me Up series with code of N179.
打開泡泡墊咯!充滿節日喜慶氣氛的大紅色!對了,這支指甲油是屬於Glam Me Up的系列,色號是N179。

The viscosity of Bloop nail polish is just nice! I have been trying so many different brands of nail polish that I really hate to use too viscous or too watery nail polish. When the nail polish is too viscous, it's very hard to get a smooth and silky application. On the other hand, watery nail polish is nasty too because the colour will most likely to become uneven after application. Several application will be required and this is so tedious. (Lazyyyyyyyy person is like this hahhaa) So I'm really happy with Bloop nail polish's viscosity! Easy to apply and it gives an even nail colour after application! 
個人很滿意Bloop指甲油的粘稠度,不會太黏或太watery. Viscosity太高的指甲油最討人厭了,不管凃指甲油的技術再怎麽好,只要遇上黏稠度高的指甲油我就肯定不滿意出來的效果,總是覺得不夠光滑漂亮。

Today, I'm honoured enough to have a special guest to join me in the review of Bloop nail polish! I invited the mystery Miss M. to try this pretty colour on her toes! Let's check out the outcome! 

Tada! Look at the ultra glossy furnish! Mystery Miss M. is happy with her new pedicure! She is happy with my nail painting skill too hahahaha!The nail polish is really smooth upon application! And the best thing is that it dried up really fast! So that Mystery Miss M can start doing her works right after application, no need to wait them to dry under the fan hahaha~ 

Tempted to try Bloop nail polish out as well? Check more colours at HiShop website! And you should  sign up an account here and follow their Facebook page and Twitter also because they are having surprise giveaways randomly! *hint hint* Oh ya! Bloop is having surprise giveaways in their Facebook page as well!

Stay tuned for my next reviews on Bloop nail strip and toe strip! Bye~

P/S: Thank you for reading till the end! As an appreciation, I have a RM20 rebate voucher exclusive for my readers! Key in BLOOPNAILS upon checkout and you can save RM20! 
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31 January 2013
感謝大家讀到最後~因爲你們讀到了最後一段,所以公主我有小小的獨家驚喜給你們!只要在HiShop購物滿RM99以上,在Checkout 時輸入BLOOPNAILS,就可以得到RM20 的現金回扣~謝謝大家一直以來的支持~ 



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    1. Dear Nick,

      Thanks for dropping me a comment! Thanks for reading :D

  2. LOVE the red nail color! So vibrant! x

    1. Dear Ana,

      I know right! They are just perfect for this joyful festive season! Great for attending dinner as well :D
      Thanks for reading and your lovely comment ^^


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