Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Garnier Natural Skin Light Cream

      I can say that Garnier Light Cream is one of my favorite skin care products that I'm their loyal user for many years. I have been using it since 15 years old and I'm still using it now. The only reason that makes me to continue to restock is product is that it works really well on my skin! 

Garnier Light Cream is actually a combination of sunblock and moisturizing cream to me. With SPF 15, I will apply it when I stay indoor. It contains a unique combination of active ingredients to fight dullness and dark spots where it can help to bring back the natural glow of your skin.

The cream is very light and it does not leave a sticky and oily feel on my face after application. This is my favorite point of this product! After using it for so may years, what I can say is I will stick to this product at least in the upcoming 5 years because it is so good! Well there is a period that I stop using it when I was doing research in oversea and it is very obvious that my skin does not glow anymore :( I love how it reveals the natural glow of my skin, while at the same time providing moisturizing effects on my skin. 



  1. wow, 5 years! You're really loyal to this product! XD

  2. I've tried this one, and this product works well on me :D Hey, can I follow you via GFC? Because there's no GFC button :(

    1. Dear Elin Ivana,

      Thank you for reading! This product is so good and it is cheap also hehe! So glad that there's someone who likes it also! Because I seldom see my friends around me using this product.

      Oh I put my GFC button floating at the right top of my website, you can follow me by just clicking the small Follow button at the right top~

      Thank you for following me in advance! :)


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