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Bloop Nail Strip Bloop指甲貼

Before I start my post today, I shall wish all of you a Happy Winter Solstice~ 
Today I'm going to blog about Bloop Nail Strip~
呵呵~ 那今天就延續昨天的美甲分享文,看看指甲貼的厲害~

Bloop Nail Strip on the left and Bloop Toe Strip on the right

Nail strip has been so hot in the market for so long and I finally can try them out today! 

Bloop nail strip comes in 12 pieces of strips with different sizes and a complimentary nail file.
一包Bloop Nail Strip裏面有12 張大小不一的指甲貼,而且還有免費附送美甲刀哦!

The nail strips are carefully sealed with a transparent protective layer so that all of the strips are in perfect conditions! 

So next question is, how to nail it with Bloop Nail Strip? Well this is my first try on nail strip as well, let me share my experience with you! First of all, make sure your nails are clean. This is very important because any dirt and impurities on the nails will affect the adhesive effect of the nail strip. Then, choose the best strip size for each nail. Hmm the strip size might not fit your nail since everyone's nail has different shape and size. In order to achieve the best outcome, you can always trim the nail strip with a pair of scissors so that they can fit the nails perfectly!

首先!先把指甲弄乾淨~要是指甲表面有骯髒/油跡的話,指甲貼的粘合度絕對會被影響哦!然後就選擇適合各個指甲大小的指甲貼~ 因爲每個人的指甲大小都不一樣,所以我建議可以先用剪刀把指甲貼修一修,那樣貼上去的時候就更完美了啦!

This is what I did. I trimmed the edge of the strips because they are too big for my nails.

Trimming all of the strips~ 

Now carefully peel the nail strip off. Be careful not to tear them off! 

I was peeling it off really carefully LOL!

Next, align and place the nail strip on the nail. Note that the rounded ends should be facing the cuticle. Remember always start to stick on the center then follow by pressing left and right edge. If you see some uneven area, press or rub it gently to make it even. Make sure you stick the strip on the finger nails nicely and not on fingers. 

Urghh I was so clumsy at this step. So now the nail strip was properly sticked on  my nail. You can see that the nail strip is too long for my nail and I need to remove the excess part. 

Yes this is the purpose of the complimentary nail file hehe~ To remove the excess nail strip perfectly!

To remove the excess nail strip, press the excess nail strip across the edges of the finger nail and file off the excess strip by using the nail file. Position the file at vertical direction and downward motion to file off the strip gently. Do not do up and down motion as it may spoil the strip because Bloop nail strip was specially designed to be a bit thinner to ensure your nails are breathable.

Tada!!! My first nail strip was done! (Not very nicely done but still good try lah...)
After removing the excess nail strip, rub the striped nails again to remove any excess bubbles so that the final outcome will be shiny and smooth. If you want your nail strip to last longer, you can apply a layer of Bloop top coat nail polish~

Tada!!!! All done! 

Before VS After

Amazing! So now I can get my manicure done at home at a cheaper price! Selling at RM38 for 3 packs, the price is amazingly CHEAP! No need to spend so much and waste my time at saloon to do manicure yeah! Some more using Bloop nail strip is super easy and fast! No need to wait the nail polish to dry and less chance to make mistakes! Another plus point is that Bloop nail strip is super thin that air can penetrate through the nails, more breathable as compared to nail polish yo!

Tempted to try Bloop nail strip out as well? Check more patterns at HiShop website! And you should sign up an account here and follow their Facebook page and Twitter also because they are having surprise giveaways randomly! *hint hint* Oh ya! Bloop is having surprise giveaways in their Facebook page as well!

Thank you for reading till the end! As an appreciation, I have a RM20 rebate voucher exclusive for my readers! Key in BLOOPNAILS upon checkout and you can save RM20! 
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31 January 2013
感謝大家讀到最後~因爲你們讀到了最後一段,所以公主我有小小的獨家驚喜給你們!只要在HiShop購物滿RM99以上,在Checkout 時輸入BLOOPNAILS,就可以得到RM20 的現金回扣~謝謝大家一直以來的支持~


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