Saturday, 19 July 2014

Beauty Talk OxyMask Week 2 Testimonial

I have been using Beauty Talk OxyMask for two weeks and it's really an interesting and fun product! 
Have you read my Week 1 testimonial?
I really enjoy using Beauty Talk OxyMask and let's see how the product improved my skin conditions. 

My Face Before Using BeautyTalk OxyMask

My Face After Using BeautyTalk OxyMask

My skin is in a mess recently due to my laziness in doing my skin care routine. I'm having a two-weeks vacation now and I'm walking under the scorching sun every day! I was too tired to apply all the skin care products during my trip and here is the outcome: breakout, dry skin and LARGE PORES! (serve you right Princess!) My skin looks so dull and tired and I need to save my skin now! I used Beauty Talk OxyMask to boost my skin with more oxygen. I can feel that my skin is more hydrated and smoother after using Beauty Talk OxyMask. Hopefully Beauty Talk OxyMask can help in my skin cell renewal cycle and make my skin looks as bright and clear as before! I will let you know soon next week okay? Stay tuned ya!

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