Saturday, 5 July 2014

Story of Ma Chérie - the Inkyfingers from Johor Bahru

This March, a very lovely flower known as Pink Tecoma, comes in a full bloom in Johor, after months of drought. It delights everyone in town and warms our hearts that our city can be so beautiful. This resonates with our inner self, as a blogger in this land. After being lost and blogging alone for so long, finally, it is time to bloom and prosper. Everyone of us is like a flower ready to bloom and charm the world. Even in a small town like JB, we can produce good and quality blogs. As the Pink Tecoma resembles the Cherry Blossom flower, we decided to name ourselves Ma Chérie. It means "my precious". Just like the flowers, we have a unique and distinctive existence. Something precious to all Johoreans.

Ma Chérie-  the Inkyfingers from Johor
Ma Chérie (pronounce as " Ma Share Ri ") means "precious" in French. It was inspired by the Pink Tecoma flowers which distinguish our special existence to the Johor blogsphere. Wondering what is "Inkyfingers"? Well "Inky" depicts writing and "fingers" are what we bloggers use to do our work. Basically "Inkyfingers" refers to our identities as the bloggers! Sound so cute right? And we have 11 fingers altogether!

Ma Chérie-  the Inkyfingers from Johor
Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the 11 pretty ladies from Ma Chérie! Applause please! 

11 of us are from different age groups, different professions and different backgrounds but all of us share the same passion and love in blogging! Interested to know more about the Ma Chérie girls? Check out our blogs for more!

Hint: A really awesome and exciting project from Ma Chérie is in the making now! Stay tuned at our Facebook page for more!

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    1. Thanks for reading Happy Walker! We have an awesome project going on and you can check out more from our Facebook page yo!


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