Friday, 4 July 2014

Beauty Talk OxyMask

     Hello everyone! The Princess is back to the hectic schedule recently and I enjoy my current busy days very much! Well who doesn't love busy days packed with interesting activities and yummy food? I'm sure that you do! I love meaningful busy days, and I appreciate if I could have some time to watch TV together with my family. Okay enough of my craps and nonsense, let's see what is the product that I'm going to review today. 

The product was nicely bubble wrapped in a box^^

Beauty Talk OxyMask (50mL)
RM 230

 Tada!! It's the best seller of Beauty Talk, the OxyMask!
Beauty Talk OxyMask

Beauty Talk OxyMask uses Perfluorodecalin, which is an Oxygen Carrier to boost your skin with oxygen! As you apply the product on your skin, the product will penetrate into the skin layer to increase the oxygen level. By doing so, the skin cells will possess the amazing self-healing to gain beauty naturally! OxyMask also contains nutrients such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Hayahibara Trehalose, Saccharide Isomerate and etc, which provides whitening, firming and moisturizing effects. It also helps to soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines yo!

For your information, human red blood cells contain hemoglobin which acts as the carrier to transport oxygen to all parts of our body. Perfluorodecalin has similar function to the hemoglobin where it carries oxygen to our skin cells. In addition, Beauty Talk OxyMask contains liposome, which is an important ingredient to assist the absorption of nutrients by the skin cells. The structure of liposome is similar to our biological skin cells. With the presence of liposome in the mask, oxygen and nutrients can be absorbed by the skin cells easily without causing any skin irritation and allergy.

A laboratory study proves that the oxygen level in the skin increases by 10mmHg in 60 minutes after the application of OxyMask. The skin’s moisture is enhanced by >60% and the skin’s smoothness by 28%. A long term study also showed that this product can reduce the wrinkles and fine lines on our skin.

I will do a review on this product next week so stay tuned ya!
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