Thursday, 16 May 2013

Ciracle is in Malaysia!

          As I always mention, I love Korean skin care and cosmetic products due to their superb effectiveness and cute packaging.  Recently, I discovered a new Korean skin care product and I personally found that it’s quite interesting! So today I’m going to introduce my newly discovered skin care brand-Ciracle.

I know you love my checker shirt

Ciracle is actually an abbreviation of Vitamin C Miracle but it sounds funny to spell such long name right?

[Drama time]
At some beauty store
“Hello Miss do you have Vitamin C Miracle products?”
LOL so funny lah haha! Ciracle sounds much better LOLLL!

(OMG I start crapping again=.= Must quit this bad habit, if not my blog post will be super long and can never end.)

Okay! What caught my attention at the first moment I reached Ciracle products is their packaging. What? Are you sure that it’s made in Korea? The packing is neither fancy nor cute. (Aiyah a bit disappointment haha XD) The products look really clinical and some of them are even stored in reagent bottles  that I used in the laboratory everyday! This really caught my attention! (Typical engineering student =.=)

As you can see they have a wide range of products, ranging from pores problem to acne solution.
Now let's have a look at some of their products that I personally find special!

Pimples popping out and having important date tomorrow?
No worry! According to the consultant, this pinky solution can treat pimples overnight. Serious or not? Overnight leh!
Personally I have no idea whether the solution works or not but you can always try it out!

Oh I personally like this very much because I'm a huge fans of sleeping mask! An upgraded version of normal sleeping mask that you can find in the current market, Jeju Sleeping Mask is made from Jeju Spring Water and guess what, it contains GOLD FLAKES!

Right hand is with Jeju Sleeping Mask
See how my skin shines?

100% cotton-based product, say goodbye to blackheads without any residual sticky feeling on your skin. 
It offers you the security of removing blackheads effectively and unobtrusively, leaving your skin feeling fresh and free from blackheads.

I have not try this product but I will try it soon.

Found this interesting because of the volcanic ingredient lolll!
Oh I wish I can try this product because volcanic sounds so powerful hehe!

         In fact, the best seller Ciracle is their Vitamin Source C20 Serum!
Containing 20% of pure Vitamin C, essential skin function is repaired for increased tone and firmness with visible improvements in texture and colour of your skin. A record was set whereby over 25,000 bottles of the serum were sold in a day in Korea. Containing 6,000mg of Vitamin C in a 30ml bottle, equivalent to 40 oranges or 120 strawberries, your skin will be pampered with only the best natural ingredients that helps to remove dead skin cells, revitalising your skin, tightening your pores, recovering troubled scars, whitening and removing blackheads. With high concentration of pure Vitamin C goodness, this product is strongly recommended for night-­‐time skincare due to its sensitivity to heat, light and temperature. Have long-­‐lasting freshness by having it refrigerated. For fast and effective results, use 3-­‐5 drops of serum together with toner every night. The serum is safe to apply even on troubled areas. Consistent results vary from individual but improvements will be visible after consistent usage. 

Okay I must say that this shocked me. 20% of pure Vitamin C dissolved? That's a very high concentration you know! I don't think I manage to do it during my previous experiment. 

How to buy Ciracle? You can get it from  Sasa, Maxbeauty and even online at Or else, you can log in to their official website and buy from there! See the orange banner at my left bar? Click it to enter their website! Oh ya! Don't forget to like their Facebook page for more updates! 



  1. I really want to try that pimple powder, because it sounds magical! (Overnight treatment? Woah!) Also, the blackhead mask sounds good. :D

    1. Ya I wish to try it too! I dunno why but pimples always pop out whenever I have important presentation the next day=.= This powder will be my saviour hahahaha!!

      They gave me two samples of Blackhead Mask and I will review it soon!

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    1. Hello!

      Thank you so much for dropping by, hope that you enjoy my post!


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