Friday, 3 May 2013

Awesome Wholesome Vanity Trove- My First Ever Beauty Box

            Ding Dong! It was raining so heavily and my door bell was rang, IT WAS COURIER SERVICE! I was so excited because as mentioned in my previous post, I was waiting for my very first beauty box-- Awesome Wholesome from Vanity Trove! By the way, the courier service is really hardcore huh, it was raining cats and dogs and yet they still insisted to deliver parcels LOL!

When the postman handed over the parcel to me I was so surprised because the box is really heavy!!
Excitement level up hahaha! 

Finally you are here in front of me! Happy! :D

After unwrapped the courier packaging, I found that the Trove is actually properly and securely sealed up by plastic! This is really brilliant! You know, recent weather is crazy and the plastic seal can definitely prevent the trove from getting wet! Thumbs up!

Spot the plastic seal?

When I remove the plastic seal, I was flooded with a very natural and mild fragrance. The smell is so nice and comfortable! (Can't stop from guessing what are the stuffs inside hahaha!) Also, the trove box is really hardcore and sturdy that it still maintains its original shape.

Deng Deng Deng!!!
Finally unbox hohoho!!
Everything is nicely arranged inside the sturdy box that I would thought that I got this trove by hand from a shop LOL! You know, all the stuffs in the parcels are usually in a mess that I need to dig here and there to get my stuffs out haha!
Let's have a glance at the products included!

1. Schwarzkopf Essensity Natural Shine Serum 50mL-RM50
2.Avene Thermal Spring Water 50mL- RM19
3. Pure South Goat Milk Body Lotion- RM59 for 255mL
4. Heaven on Earth Essential Oil 1.5mL- RM50 for 5mL
5.Tilley Goat Milk Soap -RM12

I was so surprised to see that almost all the products come in full size! What impressed me the most is most the products are organic! (Who doesn't love organic beauty products in this era? XD) Furthermore, I myself is a loyal fans of TNS SkinLab and Avene! Thus seeing these brands in the trove really made me wow and wow!! As you can see they zip locked the essential oil and the soap and this idea is really brilliant!! Zip locking leakage-prone products! Who can think of it! Add points haha! Besides, three vouchers are included in the Trove also.

1. RM25 HiShop Cash Voucher (OMG I super like this since HiShop is my favourite online beauty store!)
2. Mary Chia 4-in-1 Body Detoxificatiob Therapy
3. RM20 TNS SkinLab Discount Voucher  (Love this too!! I had very good experience with TNS SkinLab products! What? You don't remember? How dare you! Never mind, you can recap here. )

          Even blind people will know that all of the products and vouchers included in the trove worth more than RM50 LOL! Worthy to subscribe! I will do another detailed reviews on the beauty products in my next post okay? 


In brief, Awesome Wholesome is really awesome! It fits my beauty taste so well that I might thought that Vanity Trove handpicked everything exclusively for me hahaha! (Self-obsession level up LOLLL!!) I really love every single stuffs in this month trove! Another thing that impressed me is they do not include sample sachets in the trove! Because sample sachets will make me angry hahahaha! It's very simple, when subscribers paid for a beauty box and they get sample sachets that can easily be obtained FREE  at retail outlets, we will definitely feel being cheated right? Again, thumbs up for Vanity Trove for including full size products! As I mentioned earlier, the trove definitely worth more than RM50. Moreover, I really love their box that it's super heavy-duty and sturdy! It can definitely be reused for other purposes. Last but not least, I really appreciate their efforts in zip locking the leakage-prone products, it just shows that how the team care us as the subscribers. 

One thing that I couldn't figure out is, how Vanity Trove makes money ah? 



  1. i signed up once for wonderbox then i stopped. cause i dont really use beauty products :X

  2. Hahaha How cute you are! Beauty box means they will give you lotsss of beauty products what hehehe. But beauty box is really worthy for beauty freak like me haha!


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