Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My Welcome Pack from HiShop + My First Ever Giveaway!

        First and foremost, I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm officially the beauty ambassador of HiShop!!
Thanks for selecting me HiShop! Wise choice hahaha!! (Self-praising again >w<)

           I know what is on your mind now, what is HiShop? HiShop is an online beauty and cosmetics store. They only carry Genuine Products and I believe that this is their strong point! You know, there are so many online beauty stores sprung up in the market recently and what confused me the most is, are they selling the GENUINE products? Because we as consumers would never like to buy fake products right? (I'm asking stupid question, who would like to? LOL!) So HiShop is a trustworthy online beauty store that believe me, all the products are the same as what we can get from Watson and Guardian out there. They are selling so many beauty products, from hair to nail products, you name it, they have it. And they are selling products of various brands too! What amaze me the most is that they have Tony Moly in their store!! Ahhhh it's one of my favourite Korean cosmetic brand! Don't believe in my words? How could you! Check it out here!

           Let's see how their services are! (Another thing that I care the most when it comes to online purchases! ) Well what I can comment about their service is Thumbs up! I remembered I emailed them and surprisingly, I received their reply in 30minutes! 30 minutes leh! Fast reply is really important to me LOL!

This is the beauty welcome pack that they posted to me. 
Pink box is love woohoo!!
And also, the box is really sturdy! I can't find any sign of damage or kemet.

Yes, they only sell genuine products!

As you can see, all of the products were bubble-wrapped to prevent leakage! I really love how they treat us as customers, who wants to receive leaked products right? Massive disappointment if I ever receive one LOL!

Tada! The products I got~(I know you are waiting for this LOL!)

They are really generous to give me a full-size product of 50mL!
Click on the link for more info on the products!

Another full-size product! (I was thinking to buy a good eyeliner and HiShop gave me! Happy die!)

Even their sample sachets came in generous deluxe size!

I have no idea why I couldn't rotate this photo@@

       Not bad right their services? What they impressed me the most is their wide range of beauty products, fast online reply, sturdy beauty box and bubblewrapping their products. 

       Also! For the first ever time, The Princess is doing giveaway on Neverland! Happy? Excited? And the BEST NEWS is, everyone who enters this giveaway will receive a RM25 Cash Voucher for you to shop on HiShop! In brief, this is a confirm winning giveaway! Yeah! Just follow several simple steps as below!

Opps, forgot to tell that you have to sign up a HiShop account for you to spend the RM25 Cash Voucher! Sign up here.

Easy right? After completing all the above steps, what you have to do is just sit back and I will email you the RM25 Cash Voucher soon! Okay that's all for today, Bye! 



  1. hi, thanks for giving the cash voucher! :D btw couldnt find ur name on thefaceshop competition! :O
    Public Follower ID : HerYuan Lau
    Facebook Username: Camy Lau
    email address:

    1. Hi HerYuan,

      Thanks for joining my giveaway! An email will be sent to you next week!
      Oh regarding the Faceshop contest, my name is LIEW SIN YEE, thank you!

  2. Hi.
    I agree with HerYuanLau. I also cant find ur name on the Faceshop competition.
    Public Follower ID : KD
    Facebook Username : Ti Aishah
    email address :

    1. Hi KD,

      Thanks for joining my giveaway! An email will be sent to you next week!
      Oh regarding the Faceshop contest, my name is LIEW SIN YEE, thank you!


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