Thursday, 30 May 2013

Surprise from HiShop!!+ Giveaway Time!!

In the midst of final exams and overloaded assignments and presentations, I received a surprise from HiShop!

OMG this hot pink box totally made my day! 

Didn't know what is HiShop? Oh no apparently you are a bit outdated now LOL! It's okay, I have introduced about this awesome online store in my previous post and you can always recap it here

Anxious to see what is inside? 
Me too! 
Okay let's peak into the box!!

When I first opened the box, I saw a huge packaging which was securely bubble-wrapped! And I was super curious about the content LOL! One thing that makes me always trust and stick to HiShop is that they always take packing into consideration! I'm not saying that I want the products to be wrapped nicely with fancy ribbons tied on, but what I want as a consumer is that my products will arrive in my hands safe and sound without any leakage or damage. And this is what HiShop never fails to do! They always bubble wrap leakage-prone products securely. ( I had really bad experience with a beauty box (Opps! It should be a bag!) that my products leaked to an unbelievable level that the product's bottle is all empty when I received it! Argh I will blog about that scary experience soon.) Also, their pretty hot pink box is sturdy enough that it manages to retain its shape upon reaching to my house. 

Couldn't control myself and unwrapped the bubblewrap and found these!!

Body Washes and Twistband! 

In fact, I have no special demand on body wash and I will use whatever body wash that I can find in the bathroom hahaha! So I was so surprise that HiShop handpicked body washes to me! Is it a hint to me that I should stop my one-soap-from-head-to-toes bathing style? LOL! 

RM 7.80
It is sourced from nature! The sweet fragrance of carnation and almond, complimented by the warm scent of cinnamon, provides a wonderful calming feeling that relaxes the weary soul after a long day. It smells so good you know! Spot the kills 99.9% bacteria on the bottle? Yes! It is anti-bacterial body wash! It also nourishes the skin, makes it smooth and soft and moisturises it! For long term usage, it will improve skin complexion and retain glow on your skin! I'm so surprise that this 275ml body wash is only sold at RM 7.80! When I saw the price I was like "Seriously?!" Super cheap!! 

RM 7.80 (Again, cheap!!!)
Similar to the Almond Oil one, but this has an added point that the antioxidant rich pomegranate extracts can help to fight free radicals that causes skin damage, leaving your skin feeling irresistibly sexy and silky smooth. It helps to improve skin moisturisation levels and provides a warm feeling. Oh I can't wait to try these two nice-smelling body wash during my next shower! Reviews will be up soon! 

Next product that I almost missed out in the box: Twistband!
At first I thought it is a bookmark LOL!!

Yeah you heard me right, it's free!! Everytime when you make any purchases (Yes Any Purchase! No minimum value required!), you are free to choose two free samples! Very nice right? HiShop will definitely help me to save more hehehe!! 

Okay, from now onward I shall pay more attention on the body wash that I use, cannot cincai-cincai anymore ya~ 

Opps! Nearly forget that I have a surprise for my readers, you also!! Wanna get an exclusive RM20 Cash Voucher from HiShop? Easy Peasy! Follow the steps below and once all steps are completed, I will email you the RM20 Cash Voucher to you! 

1. Be my follower! See the "follow" button on the top right hand side? Click on that and you will be following my blog! 
2. Leave your name, email address and follower ID in the comment section.

Simple right? Then faster go join! Hehe~~

I know you like HiShop as I do, so don't forget to like their Facebook Page for more awesome sales and updates! You also can sign up an account at their official website so that you can shop happily like me! Yeay!

Okay, I shall end my post here and start studying now!



  1. I received the almond body wash in the previous welcome pack!i love the scent sooo much..Like Like Like

    1. Really? Awhhh faster blog about it, I wanna read ur post too!

  2. WOW!!! thanks for the information <3 and i just completed all the steps! :D

    email :

    1. Thank you for your participation! An email will be sent to you soon!

  3. woww.. u got two bottle of body wash ?! great !

  4. name sherry

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