Saturday, 25 May 2013

Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser


 Hello!! It has been so long that I did not go out and have a walk in the shopping mall L Since I just finished my Test 2 and passed up most of my assignments, I finally can have some time to strive! (Yes I know I’m super lazy>w<)

          I have attended a really awesome product lunch event at Gardens Hotel! Let’s check out what is the latest awesome skincare product in the market now!

Tada! Yes! Clean & Clear comes up with new products again!

Okay before I start writing anything, there is a question from me: Who never try Clean& Clear before? I bet everyone has tried this brand right? It’s like every-teenager-must-have-brand LOL!! I still remember that when we were having camping in the secondary school, almost all of us were using Clean & Clear! Okay I must stop the story-telling time before I start another paragraph of it hahaha!!
Let’s get back to today’s topic!

Upon reaching, the PRs asked me to choose one of these fresh fruits.

When the PR asked me to choose one from here I was like “Okay fresh fruits will be a practical door gift. I can eat them since the weather is so hot recently.” When I touched these “fruits” then I realized that these are not fresh fruits! They are fruits-looking notes lah! OMG my stupidness!

Nah, they are notes!! Papers! Not fruits lah aiyohhhh!!

They also have photo booth for us to take some funny-looking photos. I did take, but don’t want to show here lah, I believe that you don’t wish to know my level of craziness.

So, what is the new products of Clean and Clear?

It is Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser! 

They look so colourful right! (I love colours for all the time LOL!) I must say that I really love the design where the colourful bursting beads are suspended in the transparent cleanser! They have three flavours now, which are brightening lemon, purifying apple and energizing berry! 

Speech by Vaibhav Saran, the General Manager of Johnson & Johnson Malaysia and Sinagpore

The R&D Manager, Vivienne Yao was giving explanation on skin facts and also the new products.

At first I thought that those colourful beads suspended in the cleanser are meant to exfoliate our skin while cleansing but after listening to Vivienne's explanation, I found that I was wrong! Those colourful beads are actually bursting beads where they will easily be broken during the cleansing process to release the active ingredients inside! Wow so hi-tech! And this reminds me of Orchado's Pop Egg hahaha!! The fruity-scented cleanser with these hi-tech bursting beads which burst with energy and vitamins will make your skin feel clean, clear and radiant at anytime of the day! And note that different flavours bring you different benefits! 

Energizing Berry: Rich with Vitamin B3, C and antioxidant to energize your skin cells!
Purifying Apple: Great exfoliating effects to remove your dead skin cells!
Brightening Lemon: Rich in Vitamin C that brighten your skin tone! 

As I mentioned in my previous post, cleansing is the most important skin care step to me, and it is really important to cleanse your face thoroughly in order to prevent skin problems such as acne, pimples and blackhead. Ahhhh I can’t wait to try their new products and reviews on them will be up soon!! Stay tuned!

Afterwards we were served with some refreshments. It was stated refreshments so I was planning what to eat for dinner afterwards since all the refreshments I have seen so far refers to finger food. Okay maybe it’s just me being too suaku/jakun, but the refreshments they served us are proper dinner buffet! I know you didn’t manage to eat so I took tonnes of photos for you to see! It’s super embarrassing and paiseh to take photo of food but I still did it shamelessly LOLLLL!! Enjoy! 

Lemon Chicken

Mixed Fried Veges

Dory Fish

Beef Pie
The best of the day!!

Vegetable Popiah

Potato Prawn


Cheese Cakes

Mini Fruit Tarts

Assorted Sandwiches and Salad

Wild Mushroom Soup with Breads

Last but not least, my outfit of the day.

Bared face without any photo editing. 
When I said bared face then it means there is nothing at all on my face.

Bye bye!



  1. hahaha when i looked at your first few pictures i thought it was fruits too! lol

    1. Lina I know right! Withe polystyrene protector I really can't distinguish them from fresh fruits haha! The notes are so creative and cute!

  2. Replies
    1. What I can say is people who came up with this design is really creative!

  3. I never seen the purifying one before.. Is it a selled well product in market?

    1. Hi Keyn, you can get them now at Watsons, Guardian and hypermarkets!


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