Saturday, 26 October 2013

Chilla Cup @The Mines

       Yes! The Princess who blogs about beauty, fashion and food is officially back!! Woohoo applause please~ I know I have been neglecting my blog for like half-a-year! Yes I was still writing but more on my personal feelings. So yeah let's kick-start my blogger's life with a yummy food post! 

         Errr how long I didn't blog about food? Like yearsssss right? I have been so lazy that I even rejected some awesome invited food reviews @@ (Chemical engineering always comes first, so many assignments and design projects! Where got time to do reviews?)

        Okay I shall quit my old bad habit and start my post now. Had a quick dinner at Chilla Cup, The Mines few weeks ago and I was pretty happy with the food there!

Cozy looking environment

They have two areas there, one is sofa lounge and another is wooden table and chairs area as shown above.
A very comfortable place to chill out with friends and personally I find it as a good place to study or do assignments since I love the quite atmosphere here. And most importantly, WiFi is available here! 

Triple Decker Sandwiches
Served with french fries and garden salad
The portion of french fries and salad is too little for me. Looking so kiamsiap haha!

I have to say that their sandwiches are really good!
As stated by its name "Triple Decker", the sandwiches consists of three layers with generous fillings! From left to right, the first layer consists of a nicely smoked chicken breast, 2nd layer came with tomato slices and a sunny egg and finally the third layer with a piece of ham. I love the smoked chicken breast very much! Oh I myself is a huge fans of chicken breast so, this dish just got me! 

By the way, the toasts are perfectly toasted with butter on! The toasts are so crispy with a strong buttery fragrance that is totally irresistible!

Three types of sauces are available at the self-serviced sauces table, which are tobasco sauce, tomato sauces and maple syrup. (Opps is maple syrup considered as a type of "sauce"? LOL!) 

        I love the cozy and quiet environment here so I will definitely revisit here to try out more other dishes.



  1. Try their pizza! It's not bad too teehee :D

    1. Dear Yuh Jiun,

      Ya their pizza looks good!! Will try them out next time!

  2. Generous portion but i actually like my sandwiches to be moist and fluffy instead of crisp and crunchy :P

    1. Dear Ken,

      Opps then you shouldn't try this haha! This one is really the crispy and crunchy type hehe~


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