Monday, 7 October 2013

Glasses Online

       Readers, where do you usually purchase your sunglasses and contact lenses?

Retailed outlets?

Oh nonono buying glasses and lenses in retailed outlets is outdated now! Let's do online shopping instead! 

What is so good about online shopping? Especially when it comes to glasses? 

First of all if you are an indecisive shopper like me, online shopping will be the best method to buy glasses! You know, it always takes me hours to choose the best glasses that I like the most, trying the glasses again and again yet cannot make the final decision! Things are more awkward when the sales girls are looking at you unhappily! (You met this before right? Tell me YESSSSS!) So at the end I would most probably ended up simply choosing a pairs of glasses that I think quite okay on me. But then for sometime I will regret when I get back home LOL! (Indecisive shoppers are scary!) 

However,things will be different if you buy online! You can browse through the products catalogue and stare at the glasses for hours before buying them! You can make comparison like nobody else's business until you can make the most satisfying decision! Wow sounds good right? Furthermore, let me tell you a secret, glasses are cheaper online!! 

So, where to buy glasses online?

Of course on! Hop on to their website and you will be surprised by the wide ranges of sunglasses and contact lenses they have! offers contact lenses and eyewear from more than 100 local and international brands; Nation-wide free shipping and 30 days return policy on all orders; and Malaysia's largest selection of prescription glasses and prescription contact lenses. By the way, they offer free delivery to doorstep! Besides, they also offer a free 30 days return!! So nice right? Afraid that the glasses are not genuine? Fret not! Glasses Online are selling 100% original brands, guaranteed! 

Spot my new banner on the left side bar? You can enter Glass Online's website directly from the banner! Also, they have their own Facebook fan's page! Like them here for more updates! 

Drop me a comment if you want to know more about Glasses Online! Enjoy your shopping spree hehe ><
OMG they are having sale now!! What are you waiting for? Go and grab them before they are gone!



  1. Thanks for this info! I have a question, what do you look for in a frame so you know it will be able to hold the new lenses? How do you know the old frame is the right kind? I have taken 2 old frames to the optometrist and each time he told me he couldn't get them "open" to install the new lenses. He said the screws wouldn't come out. I had no way to know this when I bought them, and before I waste any more $ on frames I figured I'd ask someone who has had success. Thanks in advance for any info.

    1. Hi,

      Basically I have never faced such problem before. I do change my lenses, and my optometrist can always open the frame and install the new lenses. Maybe you should consult some other optometrists on this problem? Because it sounds quite ridiculous that lenses cannot be changed for old frame.


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