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Just in case that you don't know, I have joined Sungkyunkwan University Internation Summer School (SKKU ISS) 2012. I stayed in Seoul, South Korea for 31 days and I had really great moments there. Meting new friends from all over the world, learning new language, exploring a foreigner country on my own like a backpacker, all these things are really unforgettable. I still remember that before I went to SKKU ISS, I tried my best to search some related articles and blog posts but sad to say, I found none. :( Therefore, I decided to share my experience with all of you in my blog so that anyone who is interested in joining this program can have a clearer idea on what is he/she going to experience in SKKU ISS. 

While sharing my experience on SKKU ISS, I would like to share my life and travelling experience in South Korea as well. South Korea is a very interesting country with very special food and culture. After spending 31 days in this beautiful country, I'm totally in love with this country and I swear I will come back again in my lifetime. There are so many to be explored in this lovely country and I hope my posts can help you if you are going to visit South Korea.

If you have any queries on SKKU ISS and life in South Korea or you need any help from me, just leave me a comment in my blog post or you can also email me privately. I will try my best to help you :D 

Below are my posts related to SKKU ISS and South Korea.

Sungkyunkwan International Summer School (SKKU ISS)
First Post
Why Did I Join?
Sungkyunkwan University International Summer School-How to Join?
Let's go Korea! 起飛韓國

Korea Places
Korean Folk Village 韓國民俗村
Pororo Park Pororo主題樂園
Sejong the Great 光化門廣場
Shinsegae (신세계) Department Store 新世界百貨公司
Spring Festival

Korean Food
Dolsot Bibimbap 돌솥 비빔밥 石鍋拌飯

Korean Culture
Hanbok 韓服


  1. What you learned there?? -From Joshua Dominic

    1. Wow comment from Joshua woohoo!!

      I took a course there, Climate Changes and I learnt this subject everyday for a month LOL! And I also took Korean language class, mine is beginner level only hehe~

  2. Hi there.I was surfing over the internet trying to get more info on SKKU summer program and I came across your blog. I am going to Sungkyunkwan University this summer and have a question regarding courses. I am hoping to enroll in this Beginner Korean level course and I am wondering if you can provide more info on that? Is this a hard course/intensive for someone who doesnt speak Korean at all? Thank you:)

    1. Hi,

      In fact the pace of the lesson is pretty fast, and the teacher will assume that you already have basic knowledge in Korean language and they will explain the lesson in Korean instead of English.

  3. Thanks for replying and the info helps. How'd you like it tho? Do you think it's hard for you? I am afraid it would be too hard for me but I've always wanted to learn korea language. This is a good opportunity for me since I am not interested in other courses either. thanks for your time.

  4. Hi,
    Personally I found it's not really difficult to catch up. You can consider to join! It's really fun!

  5. Hello,

    I will be applying to SKKU ISS this june. May I know how is the hostel accomodation applied? Because I have searched online for a while but there isn't much information on the acommodation. Are the SKKU (seoul) acommodation choices just between I-house and Koart ville?


    1. Dear,

      There are many choices, 5 or 6 hostels if I'm not mistaken.

  6. Hi, I am going to Sungkyunkwan University this summer and have a question regarding courses.I hoping to taking the course Climate Changes, would like to ask if the course hard/intensive? What do u all actually need to do in this course? Thanks alot.=)

    1. Hello!

      The course is quite intensive and there're many assignments, both individual and group assignments. Basically I listened to the lectures everyday and the lecturer will assign different project and problem solving cases to the students. Can I know what major you're currently taking?


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