Sunday, 2 March 2014

Shinsegae (신세계) Department Store 新世界百貨公司

(신세계) is a South Korea Department Store which sells all kind of luxury merchandise. If you have never seen melons, oranges and meats which costs hundred dollars each, then you should come to Shinsegae! Ferragamo, Hermes, LV, Chanel, Gucci and MCM, just name any of the luxury brands and you can get them all in one building! If you ever have a chance to visit Korea, don't forget to visit Shinsegae and wrap yourself in luxury! (Princess mode on hahaha!) This is definitely a place not to missed in Seoul, I promise! 

Shinsegae Department Store
52-5 Chungmuro, 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 

Shinsegae (신세계/新世界)是韓國著名的奢華連鎖百貨公司。說到奢華啊,公主我第一次踏進新世界的時候真的有嚇一跳哦!我人生中第一次看見上百元甚至上千元的水果、禮盒以及肉類就是在這裡了!重點是優雅的富太太們都買得很輕鬆自然,就像我們在Tesco買菜那樣!新世界聚集了各界的奢華,包括時裝、明表、首飾、寶石,你能想到的他們統統都有!Ferragamo, Hermes, LV, Chanel, Gucci, MCM等大牌都能在這裡找到~ 有機會來韓國旅遊的話千萬別忘了到新世界百貨公司,肯定會讓你大開眼界的哦!

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