Thursday, 6 March 2014

My New Obsession over Sunglasses

Hello! If you are following my Facebook or Instagram, I'm pretty sure that you will know how much I love accessories, hats and stockings! They are essential parts in my fashion coordinates and they can always make me look better, creating a more sophisticated look. Recently, I have a new obsession over sunglasses because they are really chic and cute and the best thing is, they cover up my dark eyes circle! (Hahaha the main reason behind!) Some of you might be curious on how to match your fashion coordinates with your sunglasses because sometime they just don't match each other. Now let me show you an example of my fashion coordinate with a pair of Super Ilaria Red Lizard (Even the name of sunglasses sounds so awesome!)

How is it? They look nice together don't they? I can totally imagine myself walking on the street in this coordinate! Well it's fun to play around with all the sunglasses and accessories because the chemistry among them is so unpredictable! You should really start wearing sunglasses now because they can really do magics to your overall fashion sense! Hop on to to get your pair of sunglasses now! By the way, I'm joining an interesting competition by that your LIKES on my coordinate photo will help me to win this contest! So if you're free, could you kindly head over to their Facebook page and give my photo a LIKE?

Thank you so much for reading!



  1. me too love sunglasses.

    sorry your comment in horror movie, accidently click delete. it was there just now after I replied.

    1. Oh sure no problem!! It's fun to discover more of your blogs! :D

      Ya sunglasses can make one looks better without make up ^^

  2. dont worry that comment still count :D


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