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Halloween Party with Allianz Malaysia @Renoma Cafe Gallery 萬聖節派對2013

      What?! Halloween?! You must be wondering what's wrong with me right? It's March now and I'm talking about Halloween? This post was left in my draftbox for so long that I have totally forgotten about it until yesterday! I went to MCTF'14 yesterday and bumped into some Allianz's girls and at that moment I immediately thought of this post! Failed blogger indeed, how can I left a post in draft for 4 months?! Anyway, thank god that I did not leave it as draft forever. Let's read how did I spend my Halloween last year LOL.  

     I always wish to have an awesome Halloween party since young. Every time when I see how the Caucasians dress up themselves for the Halloween party I'll be like 'Awww I want to do the same thing too!' At least once in my life, I must attend a Halloween party and turn myself into a vampire hehe! Spiders, witches, cloaks, fangs and make up with maximum exaggeration! I have serious obsession in all these things! (Don't ask me why, because I myself wish to know the reasons behind also haha!) And finally my silly little dream came true today! Thanks Allianz Malaysia for inviting me to join their super awesome Halloween party! When I got to invitation I was like "OMG this event die die must go one! Cannot be missed in my life okay! I have been waiting it for so many years and now it's the time wahahaha!" I even postponed the date I go back home during intra-semester break just to attend this party! Gosh!

又是萬聖節啦!公主我一直一直都很想參加萬聖節Party, 很想把自己扮成陰森森又很貴族氣息的吸血鬼!(對於吸血鬼我一直都有莫名的迷戀)等了很多年終于在今年讓我有機會參加正式+大規模的萬聖節Party了!感謝Allianz Malaysia 的邀請!好吧到最後我並沒有扮成想象中“很有貴族氣息的吸血鬼公主”,反而變成了一點都不特別的奇怪蜘蛛小姐==(完全失敗 T T)沒辦法我在宿舍這裡真的就只有幾件衣服啊!而且我沒有帶我的皮踝靴來大學,結果竟然要穿帆布鞋!可是臉上的蜘蛛網我自己是很滿意啦哈哈,在嚴重近視看不清楚的情況下能夠化成這樣我自己都在偷笑了呵呵!弄成這個樣子跑去搭學校巴士+火車+輕快鉄真的很有滿足感!看到大家被我嚇得張大嘴巴然後不可置信的樣子真的很好玩!回頭率百分百!

        The Halloween party was held at Renoma CafeGallery  and now another question arised: "How could I get there?" After reading at the map I found that the best way for me to get to Renoma Cafe Gallery is by walking. Okay walking is not a challenge to backpacker like me haha! After those several hours of walking in Taiwan, a 45 minutes' walk from Times Square to Renoma is just a small case! 

       Aiyo I found that my blog post is mostly composed of craps =.= I know what you want to see, my make up of the night right? Actually the make up part is quite challenging to me! You know, I don't really put on make up and guess what? This is the first time for me to use an eyeliner woohoo! What an epic start huh? I want to turn myself into a spider girl and this is the outcome!

Tada! Cool right? (please say yes~) It took me an hour and half to get all these done! It was super difficult to paint on humam skin you know! Firstly I have serious short sightedness, so I cannot see myself in the mirror clearly. Basically I was just agak-agak to draw those spider webs on my face and body. Secondly, my skin is not flat like drawing block! It kept moving here and there and it was really hard to control the lines I drew, they just kept going to the wrong way =.= Though it was not easy, I still managed to get my make up done! (And I found that eyeliner from K-Pallete is really good! Will do a review post about it soon!)

要這樣去搭BUS+ 火車+ 輕快鉄還真的有一點怕會被趕下車咧哈哈!

        However, I don't have much clothes with me in my hostel (for all the time *sigh*), so my costume is not amazing. Not jaws dropping at all. But still ok lah, still managed to create weak vampiry feel with my Lolita skirt.

        And the most interesting part is that I took my university bus, KTM and LRT with the make up on! I really enjoyed myself to see people got frightened by me! They opened their mouthes widely, pointed at me and asked their friends to look at me! And for some people, they saw me eye-to-eye and got back to their phones (like what we always do) and suddenly they were like realizing something and raised their heads up and stared at me in astonishment! Some people passed by me and they turned their heads so fast to have another glance on my spider webs haha! Great satisfaction indeed!

Renoma Gallery Cafe is such a suitable place for Halloween part!! 
I love the interior decoration so much!
真的很喜歡Renoma Gallery Cafe的裝潢!

Spooky table deco

I was too early!

1:1 Life size body bag! They looked so disgusting!
1:1 的尸袋!很噁心!

TOh disgusting and eerie! They looked so smelly! Uekkk!

I really love this place! Kind of Harry Potter-ish feel right?
Renoma Gallery Cafe did some Halloween decoration for us!
Spot the huge spider web on the book shelf?
真的很美!我最喜歡這樣的地方了!很壯觀,感觉就很Harry Potter! 

Renoma Cafe Gallery is a gallery cafe, so you can find traces of arts everywhere
Renoma Cafe Gallery 是畫廊餐廳,到處都是藝術的踪迹。

Pretty wizards from Allianz Malaysia! I gotta say that they really put in lots of efforts in dressing up!
來自Allianz Malaysia 的漂亮女巫!她們真的很花心思在服裝和化妝上咧~

Allianz Malaysia prepared some station games for us during the party and the games were really interesting!
Allianz Malaysia 在Party當晚為我們準備了不少詭異的小遊戲,很有心思哦!

She put in so much efforts in making the wounds! You will never want to come near us haha!

With the pretty Fairy, Kay!

Meet the Fairies and the Devil!

Dracula in action!

With the cute Kitty ShaSha! By the way I looked really fair at that time~ 
(Remember how dark I was when I was juts back from Taiwan?)
可愛的貓咪Shasha! 話説我看起來真的很白咧!(在台灣被曬黑的慘痛回憶啊!)

Jessica the Vampire!

With Michelle 

With Kim, YinYin and Wendy
Everyone looked so creepy here!
Thanks Yin Yin for fetching me to the LRT station after the party ^^

Pardon the poor quality of my photos, it was really dark during the party~
Party現場真的太暗了,S2 拍出來的照片都不能看啊~(哭)

That's all for today. Thanks Allianz Malaysia for the invitation! 
The Halloween party was really fun and I really enjoyed myself!
今天就先這樣咯!感謝Allianz Malaysia 的邀請,Halloween Party 真的好好玩!



  1. soooo cooooollll.. i say u did a good job being first time drawing on ur skin! it look well drawn! hahaha i love halloween too! n this event is super awesome! mmmm not sure this yr. i. still wanna dress up for halloween costumw is very expensive!

    1. Dear Cindy,

      I seldom put on make up (because I'm not very good at it) and I just drew as if I was drawing on paper haha! I know right! The event is really enjoyable! And I really love your sugar skull! Looked super scary and creepy!! Yaloh, dressing up for Halloween is not cheap at all but I would really love to see more awesome costume from you!

  2. not sure if i have time n money to do the costume lol..... costume n. makeup. not cheap... and thx for the compliment on my costume babe!

  3. 我也很想参加万圣节派队。。。

    My Pandora

    1. 哇潘多拉沒想到你有讀我的部落格!我也是你的讀者哦!呵呵~~



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