Monday, 25 July 2011

City Square

             Hi. Erm before I start to write anything I must tell all of you that there is no timeline in my blog, meaning that I'm not going to post according to time, I will blog when I feel like to >w<  So don't get confused with the date. XD

           Let's start with the story. Couple weeks ago, I went to City Square with Potassium and Zic. Went there without any exact purpose, just to have a walk, haha! Aiyah lazy to write, just let the pictures do the talking!

Don't know whether I should smile and pose and ended up with a weird and stiff pattern @_@
Wore all the garments for the 1st time, excluding my shoes.
Random selca with Potassium

Chilled at Baskin Robbins

Baby-turtle-shaped Chocolate 
But it tasted cheap :(

Zic with her Captain America 

Potassium in her "Hello" outfits ><

              It's getting late and I need to sleep now. So I shall stop here. I know you are tearing in front of the monitor because my post is so short but no choice, I need to sleep now. Stop crying okay? Haha I sound insane, LOL!! OK Good Night and Good bye~ Sweet Dream~


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