Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New Zealand?

               Hello! I'm super busy recently! Guess what? Zic is back from New Zealand! New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand~~Will I be there next year? Hmmm.....I hate llamas and sheeps there :(

They are ugly don't they?

               All right we have enough talking on the annoying llamas. Let's see what Zic has brought for me^^


I got the middle one: Manuka. It tastes like a combination of honey and kaya, LOL><
Yeah it's a jewelry box in whale's shape! Cute right? 
A super big paper clip from Smiggle
Smiggle sounds familiar right?It's a stationery brand with colourful products. You can find it in Singapore .^^

                 That's all for this post. I really hate to put the photo of llamas in my blog, they pollute my Neverland :(  But no choice, got to put them in after all since people might don't know what is llama.LOL!


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