Saturday, 23 July 2011


             So I started to knit again. Just learned a new crochet named triple crochet. It's actually the upgraded version of single crochet, so I  learned it up in couple minutes. Haha!

             People used to give me an "Oh my goodness why are you doing this nanny's work!" expression when I knit in front of them.=.= Don't know how many times I had explained about it before.

             I'm not making a new piece of work right now, just doing the final touch up of my previous piece. Spent don't know how many hours on making a wooden button, super tiring =.= First of all I have to dig out my MDF board, measure it precisely, and saw it. And the worse part is to drill 4 holes on the MDF board so that it looks like a button. Firstly, I don't have a driller with me, so I drilled by using my secret method. After making 4 little tiny holes on the MDF board, the next step is to do the threading step. Threading is really killing me!! However, I'm still able to do it successfully since I'm a genius, haha!

           So I have to knit the bag strap now, hwaiting!

           If you haven't seen any handmade yarn products, then I shall show you my masterpiece here ><




               Impressed? Haha!! Yes I knitted this bag! It's a bye-bye gift exclusively for Zic and I spent 2 weeks on knitting this little bag. I knitted when I was on the bus and I knitted under the table during lectures >< Bad huh? In fact I always pay attention during lectures but some lecturers really do not deserve my attention. :P

              I know you couldn't take your eyes off but you have to do so because I'm going to end my post here >w< I know my masterpiece is amazing but please stop praising me in front of the monitor since people might think that you are crazy and I will feel shy if you do so @//////@. 

              So good bye and good night!


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