Monday, 18 July 2011

Polaroid Instant Camera

               Argh I want a polaroid instant camera so much!! Never heard polaroid instant camera before? How could you?! Luckily you read my blog! I'm going to introduce it now!
That's how it looks like.

The camera's casing.Cute dao~

Polaroid photo papers with Hello Kitty's frame.かわいい!

                  Saw a polaroid instant camera (RM 600+) at Action City but didnt buy it and I advise you not to buy any Polaroid camera there because the price there is much more expensive than the market price! I saw an exactly-same camera at other place and it is sold at RM 200+ only! Action City you want to cheat my money huh?? Not that easy! 

                 Ok stop scolding Action City and let's get back to the topic. Actually I don't know what is the purpose for me to get myself a polaroid camera since I already have a good and high-pixel digital camera. But it's really fun to witness the formation of image on the photo paper! Besides Polaroid camera looks super cute! I know it's big and bulky but I just like it!

                So does anyone interested in sponsoring me a polaroid camera?




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