Wednesday, 13 July 2011

It's Summer!

         Hot Summer! Hot Hot Summer! It's SUMMER~~ What can you think of when it's summer? Floral skirts? Hot pants? Sunglasses? Panama hats? Vacations? Beach?

         Yes! Beach! We went to beach!

                <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Flash back<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
~~~~~~~~~The day before we went to the beach~~~~~~~~~
               In fact we was planning to have a picnic at the beach. So we went to Tesco and "tried" to buy ingredient to make sushi together. Too bad, there is no big sheets of seaweed sold in Tesco and we ended up with buying a lot of unnecessary food like ice-cream and chocolate sticks.=.=

Esther's favourite: Paddle pop
Digging digging digging~~

Oh it looks so messy=.=|||
I should put them nicely before taking picture :(

We gathered at Kendy's house.
Really want to say thank you to Kendy and her family. ありがと おざいます!

On our way to the beach~
Spot my finger nails? Nice huh? ^^

 Busy applying sunblock


I look colourful right? In fact I have all 9 colours on me: Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Purple Black and White. Yes I do love colours a lot! And I love BBR T-shirt!! Summer means COLOURS!
Great summer feel!

The one and only 全体照of the day.

Sunshine here we come!

                Actually we didn't have much activities there, and we spent most of our time on taking photos. Haha!!

                Ok I shall end this post here. Got to go. Tata! 


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