Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Epic Epic

OMG OMG OMG I did stupid thing again!

Was walking into the Department Office in a hurry with my messy hair uncombed and suddenly I heard somebody shouting "Hey Hey Hey you girl you came back from Taiwan already huh? Hey Hey Hey you you!" Since I was in a hurry I was like "Who is shouting in the office har?" (At that moment I have not realized that I'm the girl coming back from Taiwan ) Turned my head around and trying to find where the noise came from and surprisingly I found a Professor that I'm not familiar with (but we are friends on Facebook ==) was pointing at me and smiling happily. Then I was like "Is he talking to me? Me?! Yes I just came back from Taiwan! Yes it's me!" Walking towards him with awkward smile saying "Oh yayaya I'm back!" Here started the awkward conversation between us:

Prof:" Wow everyday I see you enjoying yourself here and there! Internship very fun huh?"

Me:" Oh ya it was pretty fun hehe!"

Prof: " Of course fun! Seeing you visiting different places everyday, eating different food everyday, some more sleeping at different places in the weekend, even daring enough to stay overnight at homestay by yourself! Enjoying life in Taiwan huh?"

Me: "Hahaha yaya since I was there then must enjoy~" (Hoping to escape from this awkward conversation ASAP!)

Prof: "But then I didn't see you doing lab work there~ Seriously were you there for industrial training? It's more like playing and enjoying there hahahaha! ( He laughed so evilly!)

Me: "Of course I'm doing all the lab work there Prof! You know, I was doing the lab work so seriously that I didn't have the time to take photos of me doing the experiments. But the no worries, I will upload the photos of me doing experiments soon hehehe~" (Oh Gosh I don't want to keep this conversation on anymore!!)

Prof: " Hahaha overall your industrial training is pretty successful. You exposed yourself to so many industries didn't you? Food industry, tourism industry, shopping industry and hotel industry hahaha! (Laughing out loud in the office)

Me: "Errrr true also....." (OMG what am I supposed to reply him?!!! What is this Oh No!!)

And here ended the super awkward conversation between us that he finally willing to let me go.

Lesson of the day: Do Not Add Your Professor As Your Facebook Friend!!

話説開學第一個禮拜就中Presentation我也太好運了吧 T.T



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