Monday, 13 January 2014

Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials School Graffiti Contest Winner

The students of SMK Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar are a picture of cheer recently when their wall mural popping with fruity fun hues won the graffiti contest inspired by Clean & Clear® Fruit Essentials, a range of facial cleansers that energizes, purifies and brightens teen skin.

Designed for young skin, Clean & Clear® wanted to provide Malaysian teens a healthy and exciting in-school activity that showcases their creativity collectively. “The graffiti contest was organized to help local teens express their creativity while learning about teamwork,” says Lynn Yeo, Associate Marketing Director at Johnson & Johnson Malaysia, which markets Clean & Clear® products in the country.

Yeo adds: “Graffiti art was chosen as it is well associated with youths and a form of teens’ expressions. What it does is to allow young artists to express freely in public space where other people get to see their works of art. Similarly in this contest, Clean & Clear® gets teens to create a graffiti wall in their schools so that their friends and peers can appreciate them”.

What made the SMK Sultanah Bahiyah students stood out among 12 other contesting schools in Peninsular Malaysia was their creativity in bringing the contest theme, “Segar – Yakin - Pasti OK” to life through spray painting. Just like the refreshing facial cleansers, their eye-catching wall mural ‘wakes’ the senses with its clever combination of colourful fruits and geometric shapes.

“We are fans of the ‘Candy Crush Saga’ game! The attractive colours and unique icons in the game influenced us a lot in coming out with our design. We think it reflects the fresh and cheerful Clean & Clear® Fruit Essentials range,” explains Fathin Maisarah, who is in Form Four like the rest of the girls in the winning team.

While creativity is important in the designing phase, the actual painting process was a test of the girls’ teamwork and patience. 

“We had to sketch the outline and create the stencils for the mural. Then, we selected the colours that we need and started painting together. Every pair of hands was equally important to finish the job. There were eight of us in the group, but we took a whole 9 hours to finish it. Part of the reason was because it was raining on that day, and the wall was soaked through, so we had to wipe the wall dry before painting the mural,” recalls Nor Hazleen Hani, adding that she learned valuable communication skills when working with the team.

“We also took time to get to know more about Clean & Clear® Fruit Essentials range. Not only did we learn that the facial cleansers are made of fruits extracts that helped skin to brighten, purify and energize, we also found that Clean & Clear formulations are specially designed for young skin like ours. As such, we have included the fruits of the three facial cleansers – apple, lemon and berry – in our designs, and we conveyed the youthfulness through the use of vibrant colours,” Nur Zafirah Adiba points out.

SMK Sultanah Bahiyah bagged the grand prize of RM5,000 cash, the assistant principal, Puan Norlela Mohd Sahat, expresses her sincere gratitude to Clean & Clear® for the award.



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    1. Dear Ann,

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