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Neesya Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner and Brightening Gel Cleanser

        Everytime I go to The MINES Shopping Mall I will definitely pass by Neesya counter but I never have a chance to stop by and have a look at their products since I'm forever in a rush. Looking at its simple clinical-looking packaging and wide range of products that it offers, it's really hard for me to believe that Neesya is a local brand. Yes you heard me right, Neesya is a Malaysia brand! Today I'm going to review Neesya Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner and Brightening Gel Cleanser, which I personally fell in love with after trying for the first time.
Neesya Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner and Brightening Gel Cleanser

Neesya Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner
RM 35/75mL

I know what's your question now, what is a refiner? Yes the exactly same question strike me as well! Basically a refiner is a leave-on exfoliant. Wow! Pardon my ignorance but this is my very first time to come across with leave-on exfoliant. Leave-on exfoliant? Can it work? And how to exfoliate your skin without rubbing? Leave-on? Does it really work? I'm very doubtful. 

Neesya Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner is a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliant that helps to promote luminous clarity and brighter skin. It contains papaya fruit enzymes that gently dissolve, lift away dead surface cells and skin dulling impurities. Specially formulated to help promote cell erenewal, fade superficial blemishes and clear pores. Extract of Silver Vine and Alpha-Melight brighten and illuminate skin. Bio-technologically derived yeast proteins, fortified with minerals of diamond, mother of pearl, turquoise and opal, help smoothen, refine skin texture and promote skin radiance. Pro-Vitamin B and aloe vera extract soothe and restore moisture.

Now I know how it works!! The magical enzymes!! Yes, enzymes are really amazing and never underestimate the power of these little biological molecules! They are far more powerful than you can imagine! (Immerse myself in my dreadful Bio Chemical Laboratory life last year, those crazy experiments and reports on enzymatic activity and blah blah blah) Okay now this product is becoming more interesting! 

All Neesya products are securely sealed with this silver sticker.

The familiar enzymatic smell was released upon opening the lid, totally brought me back to my Bio Chemical laboratory hahaha! 

Unlike most of the exfoliators found in the market with come in gel or thick cream form, Neesya Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner has a relatively lower viscosity. Smooth a medium layer of the refiner to cleansed and dry skin, spread it with a light circular motion and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Being a kiasu person, I left it for 10 minutes hahaha! But remember not to exceed the recommended time! After 10 minutes, you can perform some simple massage over your face to assist the removal of impurities from your face. Finally, I wiped my face using a wet cotton to complete the exfoliation step.

After spreading the refiner over my skin, it literally becomes a mask-alike texture.

As I mentioned, never underestimate the power of enzymes! Despite without having any abrasive action, Neesya Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner managed to remove the dirts from my face effectively! What I like is it is really gentle on my skin! You know, I have sensitive skin so I can't really rub them roughly, if not red rashes will start to appear. Enzymes! I never know that you can be used in beauty skin care products as well loll! Who is the genius who makes you more lovable now?  

After exfoliating, it's time to cleanse you face with Neesya Lumi Brightening Gel Cleanser.
RM 29/100mL

As stated by its name, Neesya Lumi Brightening Gel Cleanser comes in gel form and it is a soap free cleanser. Looking at this crystal clear gel cleanser, my first impression is that this must be a really gentle cleanser!

This gentle soap free, foamless formula cleanses and prepares the skin for brightening effects. Dissolves and eliminates skin-dulling impurities while maintaining essential moisture balance. Formulated with Silver Vine extract and Alpha-Melight to brighten and enhance skin luminosity. Contains hamamelis, aloe vera extract and vitamin B5 to hydrate, soften and soothe.

Yes, it does not give any foam despite the massaging action. Personally I think Neesya Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner and Brightening Gel Cleanser make a perfect match to each other, both of them are really gentle on skin. However, being gentle doesn't mean that they are less effective! In contrast, they work pretty well and here I shall show you a before and after comparison.

Left hand: Without any treatment
Right hand: After treatment by Neesya Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner and Brightening Gel Cleanser

It is obvious that my right hand looks brighter. Oh my left hand is comparatively more yellowish and dull =.= What I like the most is the enzymatic actions! Natural, gentle and effective! And I guess most of you have noticed that both Neesya Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner and Brightening Gel Cleanser are priced at an unbelievable low price! It's a really good deal to get such enzymatic products within 50 bucks! (Yes thanks to them, I have craze over enzymes now). 

For more info, hop on to their official website and like their Facebook page for more updates. Enzymes, I  think I start liking you now. :P


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