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Bloop Toe Nail Strip Bloop腳指甲貼

      15 days more to Chinese New Year!! WooHoo my CNY mood is totally on now!! All the vulgar CNY songs in the shopping malls reminded me that CNY is approaching and I should get my pedicure done before CNY! For food person like me, I spend most of my money on food and I'm totally broke recently after stuffing myself with so many good food hahaha! Thus, I opt for a cheaper pedicure this year hyiak hyiak!! Remember I blogged about Bloop Nail Strip?(No you didn't read it? Recap here! ) Yes you're right! I'm going to try their toe strip this time!

    再过15天就是农历新年了!時間未免也過得太快了!一眨眼又是一年了~感慨啊。。。新年快到了,公主我當然要整裝一下自己,總不能灰頭土臉地去見人吧!首先就從指甲開始!(明明就對指甲偏心哈哈!)嫌上美容院做指甲太貴?沒關係!那就自己在家裡做就好!(很有信心!哈哈哈~)記得上次我分享的 Bloop指甲貼嗎?(沒讀過?!怎麼可以!來,自己回顧一下)是的你沒猜錯!公主我又要自己來DIY了!既然上次做的不錯,那這次就來試試看做腳趾甲的~

I have no idea on why I can't rotate this photo. Gave up after trying for like 100000 times.

Here we go! Each pack of Bloop Toe Nail Strip comes with 4 pieces of big strips, 4 pieces of medium strips and finally 4 pieces of small strips. Toes have a greater variation in their sizes as compared to nails, thus causing the strips to come in 3 different sizes. Very thoughtful of Bloop!
一包Bloop Toe Nail Strip裡面有大張、中等和小張的指甲貼各4張。比起手指甲,腳指甲的大小比較不一,所以Bloop非常地貼心地準備了3種不同大小的指甲貼。

Similar to the nail strip, Bloop Toe Nail Strip also comes with a free nail file.
和手指甲的指甲貼一樣,Bloop Toe Nail Strip 也有附贈漂亮的粉紅色指甲刀~

Since this is my second time of using Bloop Nail Strip, my trimming skill is getting better as compared to my first try! Yes, similar to the Bloop Nail Strip, it is necessary to trim Bloop Toe Nail Strip before using in order to get the perfect pretty pedicure. Another tips is that remember to trim the cuticle part rounder so that the strip will match your natural cuticle perfectly without showing any uncovered part.
這是我第二次自己DIY用指甲貼了,所以修剪技巧比上次進步了。(自己認為哈哈!)哦對了,Bloop Toe Nail Strip在使用之前也是需要修剪的哦!修剪之後的指甲貼才能更完美的覆蓋我們的腳趾甲~

After that, clean and dry your toe nails thoroughly before sticking the strip because any dirts and impurities will definitely affect the adhesive property of the strip. Next, carefully stick the strip on your toe nail. Remember always start to stick on the center then follow by pressing left and right edge. If you see some uneven area, press or rub it gently to make it even. Obviously, my toe is way shorter than the strip so I need to file off the excess part. 

Using the complimentary nail file given in the nail pack, file off the excess strip with a downward movement of the file. After the filing action, the excess strip will be removed, leaving a clean and smooth edge as shown in the photo. 

Tada!! I think I did a great job!! It totally looks like what you can get from a professional nail saloon.

Strip with medium size. At first I thought I will be quite difficult to handle this tiny piece of strip but I was wrong! It was not that difficult actually.

The medium strip just fit my toe nail perfectly so I didn't trim it. See, the shape is so perfect!

Woohoo all done!



They look great and fabulous! The outcome is far better than I expected! Personally I really love the strip because it is so cheap and easy to use. Okay lah cheap is the main point hahaha! Now I save up some expenses on my nails and I can *ehem* spend more on nice food LOL!
結果出來的成果比我想像中的還要好看漂亮!重點是Bloop Toe Nail Strip很便宜啊!!!(是的便宜對我這樣的阿嫂來說是重點哈哈哈!)低廉的價錢就可以得到美甲院般的漂亮指甲彩繪,真是太適合我了!可以省下不少錢啊!(然後省下的錢就可以用來吃更多好料Yeah!!)

By the way, do you know that color is used as the basis for many theories and in Feng Shui? According to Chinese Feng Shui, colors affect the energy of rooms, your habitat and your clothes. Colors are one of the most essential and significant features of Feng Shui. You may adopt some of the colors on your nails which you may think it will be able to power your spirit for year 2014!

Tempted to try Bloop toe nail strip out as well? Check more patterns at HiShop website! And you should sign up an account here and follow their Facebook page and Twitter also because they are having surprise giveaways randomly! *hint hint* Oh ya! Bloop is having surprise giveaways in their Facebook page as well!

Thank you for reading till the end! As an appreciation, I have a RM20 rebate voucher exclusive for my readers! Key in BLOOPNAILS upon checkout and you can save RM20! 

*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31 January 2013
感謝大家讀到最後~因爲你們讀到了最後一段,所以公主我有小小的獨家驚喜給你們!只要在HiShop購物滿RM99以上,在Checkout 時輸入BLOOPNAILS,就可以得到RM20 的現金回扣~謝謝大家一直以來的支持~



  1. hahah you pinky toe look so cute neh! hahahaha( :
    i just got mine nia today =..= so late baru arrive

    1. Dear Ann,

      Wah your so late ah? Can't wait to see yours! :D


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