Friday, 24 January 2014

Pancake Turtle Nightmare

6 days more to Chinese New Year! I'm so excited and can't wait to celebrate CNY at my parents' hometown! Chinese New Year is the best occasion to gather with family and friends and of course, to have all the good food together! To me, Chinese New Year is the season of non-stop-eating and we tends to get gastronomical discomforts during this period. 

Speaking of gastronomical discomforts, I remember that I had a stupid yet funny food story during CNY when I was a little girl. Do you know that Chinese believe that trionychidae (鱉) or more commonly called as pancake turtle is very nourishing. Okay let me show you a photo of the pancake turtle.

Urghhh I think this is the most disgusting photo in my blog. 
By the way it's not a turtle itself although it is named pancake turtle, so don't worry.

When I was a little girl, I had a chance to savour this pancake turtle and when I was eating it, I wasn't informed that it was a pancake turtle. After having the dinner with family, I asked my father what was the meat just now? It doesn't taste like chicken, pork, fish, beef or whatever normal meat that I ever tasted. When I knew that it was a pancake turtle, I was like "What did I eat a turtle just now?!!!!" OMG that's too disgusting for me!!! (No offense to pancake turtle lover, it's just me who couldn't accept.) I feel like vomiting and yes, I vomited. After that all the relatives were laughing at me for not knowing how to appreciate the so-called "tonic". For me, I don't care how good and nourishing pancake turtle is and I swear I will never eat anything before knowing its identity hahaha! 

Okay enough of laughing at my stupid story, now it's the time for me to share some useful info with you so that you can have a healthy Chinese New Year. Do you know that your body type can be classified into Hot type and Cold type? By knowing you body type, you can have a better health by controlling the food you take in. In this season of celebration, Gaviscon wants to protect you from gastronomical discomforts and the first step to have a healthy CNY will be determining your body type. Now answer the questions in the poster provided by Gaviscon.  

Now you know your body type? I have a cold type body since I have cold extremities and I love sweet and salty food. After knowing your body type, then you can adjust your meal accordingly and try to avoid unsuitable food. You don't wish to get heartburn and indigestion discomfort during CNY, do you? 

However, some time we just couldn't predict and avoid these gastronomical discomforts. Imagine that you're having heartburn when you're visiting your friends or relatives, what should you do? You're not probably to say good bye to your friends and leave his/her house immediately right? My best solution will be carrying a few packs of Gaviscon with me! Let's see how Gaviscon can work on you!

Now you understand its working mechanism? While watching this video I feel like I'm back to my secondary school again! Looking at the animation literally brought me back to my Science class in Form 3 haha!

Again, wishing all of you to have a yummylicious Chinese New Year and don't forget, don't overeat! Overeating not only causes gastronomical discomforts but also gains you weight! 

Visit to have more info on how to tackle gastronomical discomforts.



  1. Very cute story! Thanks for sharing. I too don't like terrapin, I think that's the common name? Never bothered to look up it's scientific name LOL. Mine's not as funny as yours. Feel free to swing by and read my CNY story.

    1. Dear Nikki,

      Yes it is also called as terrapin! Thanks for dropping by! :D


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