Saturday, 18 January 2014

Small Catch Up 小小的小聚

My 2013 is such a hectic and busy year that I don't even have a chance to gather with my friends. Thanks to all the social media we have nowadays, catching up and staying connected with friends is not that difficult. Yet, I would still prefer to meet up with friends and have some good time together. After ending the dreadful and fully-packed semester, the Princess can finally enjoy her holiday now!! Oh yeah!! Good food, good people and good time are coming to me! Last weekend, I finally can have some time with my friends! It's just a simple gathering but then again, what's more I can ask for? Best thing always comes in its simplest way, am I right?

2013对我来说实在是太忙了。忙得没时间回家,没时间和朋友们好好地见上一面。等來又等去·,終於等到Semester  break,公主我終於可以好好休息咯!哇哈哈哈!我的好日子啊!上個週末終於也有機會和朋友們見上一面了,雖然只是非常簡單的小聚,但美好的事情往往就是那麼簡單平凡,不是嗎?來,接下來就看圖說故事好了!

All of us

What I can say is time really flies. It's so scary to realize that so many years had passed since our graduation from the high school. Everyone has started their working life (but not me!! I'm still struggling in my final year T.T Who asked you to study Chemical Engineering?!) Everyone is telling me how they wish to go back to study life and personally, I'm really doubtful with it. I just can't wait to graduate and leave that terrible place!
時間真是過得太快了!明明不久前還在一起上課一起補習,眨眼間你也工作了她也工作了,剩我一個人還在苦苦掙扎 T.T (為什麼Engineering要讀4年?! 為什麼?!*發狂中*)大家都說讀書好,但我個人極度質疑哈哈哈!我是非常非常期待畢業後工作的日子吶!

Anyway, wishing everyone to have all the best in your working life! And for me....... may all my laboratory works go smooth and produces huge amount of diesel hahaha!!
希望大家工作都順利!加油咯!而我就。。。繼續為我的畢業論文而奮鬥!實驗!你要順順利利才行啊!我的diesel 要提煉出來呀!

That's all for today, bye~



  1. lovin the outfit, hehe :P

  2. I love your whole look, it's so preppy! May I know where did you get those boots? It's so pretty!

    1. Dear Nicole,

      Thank you so much! I bought the boots from Taiwan, I love them very much too! :D
      Thanks for dropping by! :)


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