Thursday, 23 January 2014

My Shopping Experience with

     Recently, online store for glasses and lens are popping up like desert flowers blooming after a rain. What I really look into when it comes to online shopping will definitely their customer services and quality of products. Customer's psychology is simple, we want to be served nicely and we want to get genuine products with quality as its price promised. I had a shopping spree on and I'm really satisfied with their services and products! When making my order with, I encountered several problems because my order of lens was out of stock. At first I intended to give up on my purchase but the person in charge, Miss Danee is so friendly and patient that she approached me and offered me with other lens designs.  What more I can ask for? This could be my best online shopping experience ever! At last, I picked other lens designs as offered by Danee. I supposed that my parcel will arrive within a week and all out of my expectation, I received my lens right after 2 days I placed my order! How efficiency GlassesOnline is! Fast and accurate I gotta say. 

My lens were safely secured in bubblewrap. Look at the Thank You note from GlassesOnline! It is just so heart-warming and thoughtful! (Something is wrong with this photo that I couldn't rotate it.)

Wow! They even gave me a complimentary lens case! I didn't expect it at all! Gosh I always spend money on buying lens cases and GlassesOnline is giving them for FREE to customer?!! Thank you! I was so surprised! 

As you can see, the lens were properly packed in boxes and they are in perfect conditions upon arrival to my doorstep. Seriously, has changed my online shopping experience! I would definitely stick to them for my future lens purchase. I made order from their website and they have Facebook page also, LIKE them for the latest promotion and updates.



  1. Seriously, GlassesOnline has a poor customer service experience. It took too long to arrive my orders. I am regret that I trusted this company. And this is my first and last purchase from them.

    sad customer.

    1. Dear anonymous,

      Too bad to hear this from you. I only had once shopping experience with GlassesOnline so I wasn't sure with their service overall, anyway I had a very nice experience with them :D

    2. i just ordered a sunglass from them on 15/3, but there is no update on my order until now and reply on my emails at all!

  2. Agree, glasses online has TERRIBLE customer service. The replies are so slow. Not only that, a few hours after I placed my order, I requested to change the lenses which they agreed. In the midst of the email exchanges on which contact lenses I would switch to, they delivered the original item. So frustrating!! They just said they had a glitch in the system and they had helped me anyway. WTF.

    1. Yea, I too had an extremely bad experience with the customer service. I contacted customer service before purchasing. Be careful if you intend to purchase prescription lens. Website says that prescription lens of 1.67 and higher is not returnable, but customer service insisted that anything higher than 1.56 is not returnable instead and was not apologetic at all about the inconsistent information. Send few emails to ask about the brand and specifications of the lens, customer service totally ignore my queries. Doesn't seem like they know what they are selling....

      Smartbuyglasses seems to have better customer service, will probably try purchasing from them instead.


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