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Toast Box 土司工坊@ Johor Jaya

認識我的人應該都知道我對於精致漂亮的店是毫無招架之力的,有時候光顧一家店並不是爲了食物,而是爲了漂亮的裝潢和舒適的氛圍。位于Johor Jaya的土司工坊,想讓人不去注意也很難。每每經過Jalan Dedap, 總會忍不住對這充滿田園風味的純白色建築物多瞥兩眼。白色框架的落地窗、米色桌椅,整閒店散發著濃濃的歐式田園風。今天終于有機會來到土司工坊用餐,沒想到這裡不光是地方漂亮有氣質,連土司也非常好吃!

The Princess has zero resistance towards pretty things. Believe it or not, I will visit a shop just because of its interior design and concept. Recently, uniquely designed shops and restaurants are popping up like desert flowers blooming after a rain, and Toast Box located at Johor Jaya is one of them. 

看吧!很漂亮是不是?原來Johor Jaya的土司工坊是東南亞最大閒的分行哦!
The design of Toast Box totally stands out in Johor Jaya. Do you know that Toast Box at Johor Jaya is the largest outlet in south east Asia?

The shop was crowded with families on a Saturday morning.


Most of the breakfast shops in Malaysia are very crowded and noisy, especially during weekends' morning. For people who do not like to have breakfast at crowded place, Toast Box will definitely your choice. I really love the French windows with white frame (Now you know that I have weird obsession over French windows :P ). By allowing natural light to enter the restaurant, these French windows make me to feel so fresh and energetic in this lovely morning! Hat off to the designer. 

They also prepare the outdoor smoking area for smokers, which I think is really thoughtful for both smokers and non-smokers. You don't want to enjoy your breakfast in a mist of second-hand smoke, do you?

(天啊這句英文要怎麽寫啊?都說我的描寫能力最爛了T.T 公主根本不擅長啊~~)
Really amazed with the designer's efforts in making the Toast Box to become so pretty and refined. Look at these decoration and furnishings!

Totally in love with all these decorations! 

Being a traditional Nanyang Coffee shop, Toast Box grounds the coffee beans by themselves. These fragrant coffee powder can be purchased from Toast Box also. 

講了一對廢話都還沒介紹這裡的美食 (囧)來來來,接下來就是美食介紹啦~
Err I think I crapped too much in this post (= =||| ) Let's proceed with the yummy food introduction!
Peanut Butter Thick Toast 
RM 2.60

2cm 厚的厚土司果然不是蓋的,烤得香香脆脆的厚土司上抹了厚厚的花生醬,喜歡吃花生醬的朋友肯定會喜歡!
All of the thick toast here has a standard thickness of 2cm. The perfectly toasted toast was served with generous amount of peanut butter.Great for peanut butter lover!

Kaya French
RM 3.60

This is my favorite dish of the day! I’m a huge fans of French Toast and this Kaya French Toast is a level higher than those normal French Toast! Rich kaya being applied in between the butter-ly toast, could you imagine it? What an amazing fusion between Western and Nanyang cuisine! Thumbs up!

Traditional Kaya Toast 
RM 2.30

想念祖父母時代的古早早餐?這道充滿南洋風情的傳統土司絕對能滿足你。香脆的土司,配上厚切牛油和香濃Kaya, 絕對是本地一家大小的必點早餐。
Missing the traditional taste from your grandparents’ hometown? This will definitely satisfy your crave. Crispy and fragrant toasts with generous amount of kaya and thick slice of butter in between, this dish is a must-order item from the menu.

Otah Baguettes
RM 3.50

Another creative fusion between Western and Nanyang cuisine. The mild spiciness of otah makes it a suitable dish for all in a family including children. For a spice-lover like me, I would prefer it to be more spicy. 

Curry Puff
RM 2.40

Curry puff tends to be very oily but this is not the case in Toast Box. The outer layer of curry puff is so crispy and yet, it is not oily at all. As can be seen from the photos, the potato fillings were soft and dense. I was really surprised to find pieces of chicken meat within the dense potato fillings! It just made the curry puff to become even more tasty! 

Curry Chicken with Rice or Baguette

Toast Box insists to use fresh chicken drumstick purchased from pasar to prepare this dish. Although the process of preparation is far more troublesome as compared to that of frozen chicken, I believe the insistence is worthy because the chicken meat is so tender and juicy! This is what frozen chicken can never provide. Potato in this dish is my another favorite of the day! It was so perfectly cooked that it is so soft and the hardness is just nice!

Mee Goreng
RM 7.20

I will avoid Mee Goreng for most of the time because I’m really scared of the awful alkaline taste found in mee. Glad to inform that I can’t taste any irritating alkaline taste from Mee Goreng here!

Laksa 米台目
Laksa Mee Tai Mak

A very typical authentic Johor-style laksa. This is just to my liking because the soup is not too thick, which is of my personal preference. Despite having soup with lower viscosity, it still tasted very rich and fragrant. 

Mee Siam 
RM 6.50

有別于傳統常見的干Mee Siam ,土司工坊的Mee Siam 是溼的。泡在濃郁湯汁裏的Mee Siam 看起來很像咖喱,但其實不然。酸酸的Mee Siam 絕對適合喜歡口味的朋友,非常開胃哦!
Instead of the traditional dry-type mee siam, the mee siam served in Toast Box is of the wet type. It might look like another thicker version of curry bihun to you but you will definitely be surprised when you taste it by yourself. The thick gravy is very appetizing! Recommended to those who like strongly flavoured dishes.

Honey Lemon
RM 3.50

Aloe Jelly
RM 3.80

Caramel Cappucino
RM 7.90

The self-grounded coffee powder makes a perfect combination with the specially formulated milk. The drink is so rich and smooth.


Traditional Nanyang Kopi
RM 2.30

Traditional Nanyang desserts such as swiss roll, pandan cake and banana cake are also available at Toast Box.

Vanilla Swiss Roll
RM 2.40

This swiss roll is just to my liking! Very smooth texture with really light cream within! Love this very much.

Banana Cake
RM 2.40

Pandan Cake
RM 2.80

By the way, Chinese New Year is just around the corner (Yes!!!! It's super near now!) and if you would like to buy some New Year cookies, don't forget to check the latest CNY promotion in BreadTalk! 

I haven't tried any of them yet so I couldn't give any comments on their cookies. If you bought them remember to tell me how they taste ok? :D

Toast Box Johor Jaya Outlet

2 & 4, Jalan Dedap 13,
Taman Johor Jaya.

Official Website         :
Toast Box Facebook :
BreadTalk Facebook :
No pork, no lard, no HALAL cert. 



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    1. 比起你們的確實是比較粗呵呵~感覺上我們的麵食都比較粗的樣子哈哈~



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