Monday, 5 May 2014

[Giveaway] Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash

     Yes you saw the title of this post and you saw it right, I'm going to review *Ehem* Esui Feminine *Ehem* Hygiene Wash today. Although this is a bit embarrassing for me to review a feminine hygiene wash in my blog but good things are meant to be shared! Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash is good so I want to share it with all my girls readers! 

Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash

        To be honest, this is my first try on feminine hygiene wash and I'm glad that Esui is my first bottle of feminine hygiene wash! Being made in FranceEsui Feminine Hygiene Wash contains essence of traditional herbs which are extracted using France NanoTechnology. The latest nanotechnology is employed in the extraction and process of herbal cytokines, which enables the active ingredients to penetrate through the cell membrane immediately. Furthermore, it is a natural plant-based product that is suitable for daily frequent use so no worries on the potential side effects!

        According to the research did by School of Medicines of Chelsea University in UK, pH 4 is the most suitable pH for female private part. Fungi can hardly sustain at this pH value and this can help to maintain the health of your private part. Soap and body wash which are normally alkali can change the pH value of your private part, which will eventually lead to a series of fungal infection and diseases. Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash is manufactured at the most suitable pH at 4.0, hence eliminating the post-usage burning sensation. 

I know the colour looks a bit scary but fret not, it's all because of the traditional herbs!
The texture of the hygiene wash is similar to that of a body shower gel, neither too viscous nor too watery.
Oh by the way, it smells so "herbal"! I love the scent so much!

The hygiene wash bubbled up upon lathering.

As claimed by the product, Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash is mild and gentle and it doesn't leave a burning sensation after using. It's so gentle that you can use it frequently daily. Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash is sold at RM 21.90 (60 mL) and RM47 (150 mL) and it is available in all local pharmacies.  

    Remember my Giveaway Marathon in this lovely May? I told you that I will be hosting several giveaways in this month and Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash is one of them! I will be giving away not one, but THREE sets of Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash to my lucky readers! And each set of the prize consists of 2 bottles of Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash, one bottle for you and one bottle for your mum!  (It can be a great Mother's Day gift yo!) All you have to do is just complete all the steps in the Rafflecopter and you will stand a chance to be the lucky one! Before filling the Rafflecopter, let us go through the rules and regulation in this giveaway:

1. This giveaway is only opened to Malaysians with a Malaysia mailing address. 
2. Three winners will be randomly selected and each of the winners will receive two bottles of Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash from me.
3. Winners will only be notified via email so please make sure that you check your inbox regularly ya!
4. This giveaway will end on 31 May 2014 and winners will be contacted via email on 2 June 2014.
5. Winners are required to response in 48 hours or else a new winner will be selected. 

Good luck to all the participants! 

Hop on to Esui's official website at for more information.


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