Monday, 19 May 2014

Meng Meng Double Eyelid Tape (Narrow) 萌萌蕾丝网隐形双眼皮贴

Hello! When I was busy writing my thesis, I received a parcel from the office and guess what? 
A pink box from HiShop! 
Wahaha I was so happy to see this little cute pink box^^

And what made me even happier is the product enclosed in the box: 

Believe it or not, I'm a very very lazy monolid girl and this is my first try on double eyelid tape!

The product comes with a bottle of professional glue which provides a maximum hold for long hours. Two types of glue are available, which are normal glue and professional glue. Of course professional glue is better than a normal glue but it will be more expensive. You can choose your preferred glue when making purchase from HiShop here

There are 30 pairs of tapes in one pack of the product, which will last you for a month if you're a daily double eyelid tape user. I love how the double eyelid tapes are nicely packed in a small pink pocket, so cute and it can be brought around easily!

Meng Meng Double Eyelid Tape is a lace-type tape which is very popular in Korea and Taiwan. The lace-type tape is almost invisible on your eyelid so no more embarrassing moment when your friends spot your double eyelid tape hahaha >.< Now let me try this awesome product out! 

First of all, it is highly recommended that you apply your eye make up before using this invisible meshed double eyelid tape. Don't worry, the eyelid tape will not ruin your make up, amazing right? Okay after putting on your eye make up, it's time to put on Meng Meng Double Eyelid Tape! Mine is the narrow-type tape which is more suitable for small eyes. If you have round and big eyes, you should buy the wide type tape. By using a tweezer, carefully and gently peel off a meshed eyelid tape from the plastics film. 

Tada! The peeled off meshed eyelid tape. Don't forget to hold the tape tightly ya! It's very small and light and for your information, I accidentally dropped my first meshed eyelid tape on the floor and it was gone forever. T.T (wasted!!!!) Now carefully place the meshed eyelid tape on your hand and apply a layer of glue over it, like what we do to the chicken wings during BBQ hehehe~

Next, pick up the tape using tweezer and place it on your eyelid, gently press it for a few seconds for the glue to dry. Lastly, open your eyes and you will see yourself with pretty double eyelids! 

                                                     Before Using Meng Meng Double Eyelid Tape

After Using Meng Meng Double Eyelid Tape

Natural right? You will never know that I'm using double eyelid tape if I don't tell! What I really like about this product is that it's really invisible! Also, I was amazed with the long-lasting holding power of the professional glue! I had some exercise with Meng Meng Double Eyelid Tape on my eyelids and I thought the tape will fall off soon because I was sweating crazily. (As can be seen from the photo above haha!) However, the tape was still sticking on my eyelids perfectly after my work out session! Amazing I would say! Oh ya, don't forget to close the glue cap tightly after using to prevent it from drying out~ The double eyelid tape can be removed effortlessly using normal make up remover. (I was using Biore Eyes and Lips Make Up  Remover) 

Want to turn your single eyelid into double eyelid or sagging eyelid into up-lifting eyelid without undergoing scary surgery? Here is the right product for you, Meng Meng Double Eyelid Tape! Hop on to HiShop website to buy it! Eh wait wait wait, I have some rewards for you as my gratitude to you for reading until this line! Here is an exclusive RM20 rebate for you my readers! Just key in MENG14 upon check out and you will enjoy RM20 rebate* on your bill!

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