Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My Long Awaited Convocation

Yeahhh!!! You hear me right! I'm going to have my convocation very very soon in October! Convocation might be the most important ceremony in my life besides my funeral (touch wood!) since I'm not getting married so there won't be any wedding ceremony for me. (I'm serious) Since this is the greatest and most important event and ceremony in my life, which marks a full stop on my journey of pursuing a Bachelor degree, I think it should be celebrated with blast! However, it's not easy to make a convocation to be a grand one since the university is the boss and I have no rights in making decision. I can't ask the university to prepare a spread of buffet and photo booth for people who come for my convocation right? I can't have a registration counter in the convocation so that I can give out some souvenir for my family and friends who come and wish for my graduation. There are so many limitations and I was kind of short of ideas on making my convocation a special and memorable one. When I heard that Gong Cha is going to sponsor a truckload of Gong Cha drinks to quench the thirst in an event or celebration, I was really excited! Bringing a truckload of Gong Cha drinks to my convocation ceremony sounds nice right? So everyone who come can enjoy a cup (or more!) of Gong Cha while waiting for their turns to take photo with me (LOL!). I mean, this is a really practical solution since convocation ceremony is forever hot, sunny and stuffy! The attendees will definitely feel refreshed and hydrated if they are offered a cup of chilling cool Gong Cha drink! I still remember I finished two bottles of mineral water when I attended my friend's convocation last year. And when I wanted to buy some chilled drinks, I can't find any of them in the convocation hall! I was almost be sun-dried on that day.

Everyone was sweating as if we were in a sauna room! Some more we have to carry all the heavy bouquet and teddy bears! More sweat yucks! Imagine a truckload of FREE Gong Cha drinks are available for my friends during my convocation, they will definitely feel happy and appreciated!

More sunny photo on that day.

For your information, family and friends have to wait outside the ceremony hall for the convocation ceremony to end. And do you know where is their waiting area? An unroofed field like this! Under the scorching sun at 3pm OMG. How nice it will be if my friends and family can enjoy a cup of Gong Cha drink while they're waiting for me to come out from the hall~ 

The wait is so long and we were really bored while waiting. So boys were sitting on the field and had a nap while girls were busy taking tonnes of photos of ourselves. We posed with Teddy bears and bouquet since these are what we had on that day. Well this scenario is going to repeat again in my convocation this year but if Gong Cha truck is coming, Gong Cha drinks will definitely be the new  props in all of the convocation photos haha!

Okay, enough of dreaming Princess. Wish me the best luck and let's hope Gong Cha will appear in my convocation ceremony! This might not be the most meaningful event but this is my humble wish to show some appreciation to my family and friends who come for my convocation ceremony. Thank you~



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