Friday, 2 May 2014

High Definition Photo Tag from Malaysia Military Tag

      Remember that I got my very first personalized military dog tag from Malaysia Military Tag back in March? I love the tag so much that I got another tag from them! The dog tag that I ordered this time is very different from the my previous tag because this is a High Definition Photo Military Tag! Woah how cool is this! I can get my pretty photo printed on my dog tag now, and the best thing is I can emboss wordings on the backside of the tag at the same time!

The photo is printed in high definition resolution and I gotta say that it's very clear!
Nah, I'm not going to let you see who are on my photo tag hehe~

The embossing is as perfect as my previous personalized military dog tag, flawless I would say!

My previous personalized military tag came with black rubber silencer and for this time, I got myself a white rubber silencer which I find really fashionable! In contrast to the personalized military tag where only black rubber silencer is available, customers are allowed to choose colour rubber silencers when they purchase High Definition Photo Military Tag.

I really had a hard time to make a decision among these 7 pretty colour rubber silencers! Red is really eye-catching and grey camouflage is so fashionable! I ended up with white rubber silencer because I think it will make a perfect match to the colour of my photo on the tag.

My High Definition Photo Military Tag with white rubber silencer on.
Red X White is such a pretty combination isn't it?

At the same time, the package of High Definition Photo Military Tag comes with one complimentary accessories. You can choose either a 15cm stainless steel ball chain or a stainless steel key chain ring for free! Apart from these two accessories, you can also add up a few bucks for nicer accessories such as a stainless steel string and 70cm stainless steel ball chain. I picked a Stainless Steel Key Chain Ring because I want to make my High Definition Photo Military Tag into a key chain ^.^

That's how my High Definition Photo Military Tag looks like with the stainless steel key chain ring. The stainless steel key chain ring is made from high quality stainless steel and it makes my key chain looks extra sophisticated and refined! I really love it very much! The High Definition Photo Military Tag can be a great accessories for my keys and bags. It's really fashionable and stylish! I love how the High Definition Photo Military Tag makes my bag and keys look more personalized! The exclusiveness yeah! 

Can you believe that the package of High Definition Photo Military Tag which comes with one colour rubber silencer and one accessories is only sold at RM 32.00? Plus you can put any photo on the tag, not to mention that you can emboss 5 lines of texts on the back of the tag for free! What a great deal huh? Parents' Days are around the corner and I'm thinking to get a pair of couple High Definition Photo Military Tag for my parents hehehe~ Putting their wedding photo on the tag maybe? It sounds like a good idea isn't it? In short, I'm really happy with all the military tags that I got from Malaysia Military Tag, good quality and most importantly, personalized and fashionable! If you're interested in getting your own personalized military dog tag, you can go to and have a look. They have many different types of military dog tag and the cheapest personalized tag is only sold at RM20! Super cheap! 



  1. Great way of showing your love to family :)

    1. Hello Eryn! Make one for Kelvin and Isabelle too hehe~~

  2. First visit and follow your blog dy. This is a great accessory to put the photos of our loved ones!

    1. Hello Smartan Dad,

      Exactly! Very unique and meaningful piece of accessory I would say.
      Thank you for reading and following! :D


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