Friday, 29 August 2014

Pink Ribbon Loafers

本身並不喜歡Loafers,總覺得Loafers的設計很成熟,很容易顯得老氣~(最近真的越來越怕老了)而且Loafers的樣式來來去去都是那幾種,這麽無聊我怎麽可以接受呢?而且穿上土氣平庸的Loafers公主我隨時都有可能會淪爲路人甲啊!(Oh Disaster!)所以在買鞋子的時候我從來就不會考慮Loafers,縂覺得那是老太太才會穿的的鞋款哈哈哈~



看起來並不像Loafers對不對?這雙來自Te Chi Chi的粉紅色Loafers配上了大大的Ribbon,看起來就很可愛,完全顛覆了我對傳統Loafers的舊有偏見。


Te Chi Chi is a brand that provides a wide variety of Korean style shoes and for your information, all of their shoes are imported directly from Korea yo! There are 6 Te Chi Chi branch outlets nationwide, each of which located at

1. Queensbay Mall
2. Raja Uda, Butterworth
3. Bukit Mertajam
4. Taiping Sentral Mall
5. Gurney Plaza in Penang (new outlet will be opened during October.)
6. Queensbay Mall clothes outlet 

If you love Te Chi Chi's shoes then I'm sure that you will love their cute Korean style clothes too. Te Chi Chi has just launched their own fashion brand, TOT-TOT and you can get them from Queensbay Mall. Don't worry if you're too far from Penang, just place your order on their websiteFacebook pageLazadaZalora and the goods will be delivered to your doorstep. (That's what I did hehe!) Te Chi Chi will upload their latest collection on their website and Facebook page on every Monday so don't forget to like them to get the latest update^^

Oh ya! Te Chi Chi is going to expand their business where another new branch will be opened at Taiping in this coming October! 


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