Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Beauty Talk Refine Toning Lotion Week 1 Testimonial

Beauty Talk Refine Toning Lotion

Beauty Talk Refine Toning Lotion is a very unique and special toner because you have to shake it well before using, similar to those bi-phase make up removers.

Before shaking, you can see two distinct layers of immiscible liquid, where one is in peachy pink colour and the other one is a clear transparent liquid. 

After evenly shaken, the toning solution appears to be a homogenous peachy pink solution.

To use the toner, you have to cleanse you face first. Then, shake the toner evenly until a homogeneous solution is formed. After this, place an adequate amount of the product on your palm or cotton pad, according to your own preference. Apply the product to your face and pat gently until the product is fully absorbed by your skin. 

The toning lotion is very different from the rest of the toners that I have ever used. Instead of being light and watery, Beauty Talk Refine Toning Lotion is quite viscous. It feels like a serum on my skin! By the way, the toning lotion smells so so so good! I'm addicted! The Chamomilla Recurira Flower Essence is really calming and soothing. 

After using the product continuously for one week, I found that my skin becomes slighter brighter! Hopefully I can see more brightening effect next week hehe! I love how the product leaves my skin well hydrated and my T zone is less oily now. However, it didn't manage to reduce my blemish problem :( You can see that the redness of the blemish is still there. Stay tuned for my Week 2 and Week 4 testimonials! 

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