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Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe @Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P Ramlee

Korean restaurants are popping like mushrooms after the rain in KL and Selangor area but not all of them are serving authentic and good Korean cuisine. Ampang Korean Village is always my first choice when it comes to Korean cuisine because most of the restaurants there are operated and managed by Koreans. I can always find very local and authentic Korean cuisine there. By sheer chance, I dined at Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe in Menara Hap Seng located at Jalan P Ramlee and I love it!

雪隆一帶的韓國餐廳真的是越開越多家,但要找到正宗好吃又不太貴的,實在是有點難度啊~ 商場裏的連鎖韓國餐廳多數都由外勞準備,味道非常“本土化”之餘價格也不便宜,真是不明白怎麽還會有人説好吃(好啦各花入各眼)想要吃正宗的韓國餐我都會到Ampang的韓國村,隨便哪閒店都能讓你的味蕾瞬間飛到韓國去,道道地地的味道啊!可是在韓國村吃飯都不太便宜哦,要知道店家用的都是韓國空運過來的食材,只能說一分錢一分貨啦~ 最近我就在位于Jalan P Ramlee的Menara Hap Seng裏發現了一家非常不錯而且價錢合理的韓國餐廳! (哈哈哈很有滿足感!)在KL沒車駕的可憐小資女如我依舊是靠巴士、KTM、LRT和Google Map(雖然常常被地圖騙但我還是只能靠它尋找方向 T.T)到處走~ 要用公共交通去到Menara Hap Seng並不太難,不會去的話就留個言,我教你!

Located at the 1st floor of Menara Hap Seng, Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe is managed by an amiable Korean lady. The restaurant is at the right hand side of the escalator. Despite of its small size, Oiso is very noticeable especially during lunch hour because it's always full house! 

位于Menara Hap Seng一樓的Oiso傳統韓國餐廳由韓裔老闆娘經營,小小的店其實真的不太起眼。順著Escalator來到二樓后的右手邊就可以看到小小閒Oiso了, 不要看漏眼了哦!

A very typical Korean restaurant, well-furnished and atmospheric!


Menu 都被翻得那麽爛了,平時應該有不少人來光顧吧~

How thoughtful is this! They prepared a brief description for all of the dishes in the menu which you can rarely find in other Korean restaurants. I mean, not all of the people are that familiar with Korean cuisine right? Sometime you just can't judge what the dish is about from its Korean name. With this, you can roughly know the main ingredients used and how the dishes are prepared. 


Even the drinks are imported all the way from Korea hehe~ I wanted to order Banana Milk but they don't sell that, what a disappointment. Ordered Korea Jinseng Tea instead, I need some power!

連飲料都是韓國進口的,我想點香蕉牛奶可是卻沒有 :( 

I was quite surprised to find that Oiso is a franchise restaurant! They have several branches in KL and Selangor area including Cheras Leisure Mall! What?! Cheras Leisure Mall? Are you sure? How come I'm not aware of its existence! Creepy...

翻到最後一頁發現原來Oiso有分店!什麽?!連Cheras Leisure Mall也有?!怎麽我從來都沒看過?有嗎?Cheras Leisure Mall我進進出出都不知多少次了竟然連看都沒看過?(陷入深深的懷疑中)

Korea Ginseng Tea
RM 7.90

I love how the Korea Ginseng Tea was presented in a small pot. It has been a while since the last time I had ginseng tea and I wish I could have a second pot of it!


Chicken BBQ Set
RM 18.90

The main dish came with a complimentary Miso Soup and three side dishes. I wish they could have more choices on the side dishes. By the way, the main dish is really a big portion for me! It could be shared among 3-4 girls!


The BBQ Chicken was not completely cooked when served. 
You have to stir fry the marinated chicken with the enoki for around 10 minutes.


Awww the sizzling BBQ Chicken!


Just that.... I found this photo really nice and it's a waste if I don't upload it here LOL!


Hmm the side dishes need some further improvement..... Looking not so appealing right?

No No No I didn't touch this. Definitely not my cup of tea.
No No No這我完全沒碰

Kimchi is average, it can be better. 


Korean Braised Seafood
RM 69

A spicy seafood dish consisting generous amount of prawns, squid and clams. The seafood is really fresh and tasted heavenly! Braised with spinach and minari, this dish is very appetizing and delicious, I like this! However, the prawns were not fresh. Instead of springy and crunchy, the prawns were very soft and I don't like it. 


Finally, a Kimchi Pancake to end the feast. The Kimchi Pancake was perfectly pan-fried and you can taste the crunchy kimchi within. Salty and spicy, the pancake tastes extra yummy on a cold rainy day.


Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe 
Lot No. 01 -019 , 
1st Floor Menara Hap Seng 
Jalan P Ramlee 
50250 KL



  1. I loved the way you have described the place for expats. If you are an expat and plan on moving to Singapore, do check out I found it to be very useful in finding a place.

  2. The side dishes could look more presentable but I am liking the ginseng tea and bulgogi. I am sure I walked past a few days ago on my way to the 2nd floor. Actually all the restaurants there seem to enjoying good business during lunch hour.

    1. Hello Juniper!

      Ya the ginseng tea is really fragrant and I'm sure that a tea-lover like you will definitely like it! That's true, in fact there're not many restaurants in Menara Hap Seng so people who work there don't have many choices when it comes to lunch hour.


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