Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bag of Lice

(Trying to create a spooky atmosphere LOL!)

Are you afraid of the dark? 
Yes.....I'm afraid of dark..... for all the time....
Pale skin?
Terrific hair?
Oh I have all of them with me.....  

Fret not!!! 
Let's The Bag of Love Lice to save you from the fears!!

Sooooo cute!!!

I was supposed to receive this spooky Halloween themed Bag of Lice on Halloween itself, but due to several unpredictable problems related to Airpak, I only able to receive it today! My anticipation towards Bag of Lice kept growing as I was waiting for its arrival to my home! And finally it's here!! I love this cute canvas bag so much!! Canvas and leather bags are my all time favorites and a canvas bag with a spooky pumpkin print is much more lovable!! Selling at a subscription fee of RM 39.90 per month, Bag of Love still manages to surprise subscribers with their nicely designed bags every month!! The founder, Miss Mi Mi really put in lots of efforts in her business! 

A sneak peek into the bag contents
Wow I'm getting excited!

Nanowhite Infinity Color Correction (CC) Cream
Full Sized
RM 49.90

When I saw this I was like "What?!!! Is this bag a wonder wishes-granting bag? Nanowhite Infinite CC Cream has been in my wish list these few weeks!!!" I was more than glad that Bag of Lice includes this product! It claims that it can magically transform your skin tone with superior auto-adjusting color control by revolutionary Color Control Capsules. Wow sounds so hi-tech huh?! Must try this out and review will be up soon!! I really happy to see this full-sized product in a RM39.90 beauty bag! 

Definite Smudger Brush
RM 69

Another product that made me screamed and jumped around!! 

Definite Smudger Brush is perfect for applying liner and shadow, smudging pencil eyeliners and also to highlight the inner corner of eyes. I really love how the fur feels on my eyelids! Being as smudger, the fur is harder but the hardness is just right that I myself found comfortable with!

Splassh Mini Glow in the Dark Nail Polish
RM 3.90

Awwwww nail colors!!! You know I love nail colors right?! But I have never tried a glow-in-dark nail color! OMG this is a must-try item! And what made me happier is that I got my favorite pink!!! 

SP Smoothen Shampoo
30 mL
(RM72 for 250 mL)
Shampoo from Wella never let me down, so I believe that this SP range shampoo will save my severely damaged with hardcore dryness and readily flammable hair! (Sigh......My hair ahh) 

SP Repair Mask
(RM109 for 200mL)

Coming in a set together with the shampoo, I really hope that SP hair care products can do some magic on my lion-look-alike hair. Save my hair please! I don't want terrific hair! (Cry out loud!) 

Collistar Biorevitalizing Anti-Cellulite Concentrate 
(RM 185 for 200mL)

Hmm Hmm, forgive my ignorance and jakun-ness but, what is cellulite huh? Let's google and check it out.
"Cellulite (also known as adiposis edematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, status protrusus cutis, gynoid lipodystrophy, and orange peel syndrome) is the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue that manifests topographically as skin dimpling and nodularity, often on the pelvic region (specifically the buttocks), lower limbs, and abdomen."
Ohhhhh!! I know what's cellulite now!! 蜂窩組織!OMG now only I know that there's product targeting on cellulite! Thanks Bag of Love for introducing this interesting product to me!  

Lovely Chocolate Spa Treatment at JoJoBa Spa

Last but not least, Bag of Lice offers subscribers with a lovely chocolate spa treatment pamper at JoJoBa spa! Which girl can resist chocolates? And soaking yourself in a pool of chocolate will be heavenly divine!! 

Bag of Love knows what the subscribers love to see in their beauty bags! From the lovely spooky pumpkin bag to the cute little nail color, Bag of Love offers subscribers with high quality products at an affordable subscription fee of RM 39.90! Also, the beauty products included cover all my needs from hair to toes (Yes till my toes!), the beauty products are not limited to skincare products, but it also covers hair care and even  body care! Another plus point is the Definite brush! It's really rare to see beauty box to include brushes in their boxes and this is what makes Bag of Love stands out from the crowd! In short, Mimi really put in lots of efforts in this business! My readers! Don't forget to follow Bag of Love Facebook page for more updates since they love to have little contests and giveaways on their Facebook page! Also, sign up at their website so that you won't miss any bags from them!


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