Saturday, 23 November 2013

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Range- Cleanse

      Did anyone of you aware that most of the acne treatment products in the market consists of tea tree as one of the major components? I always thought that tea tree is something similar to green tea (both got a "tea" mah) but actually, tea tree has nothing to do with the tea we drink! In fact, There is a history with the name of Tea Tree. There was an Australian captain searching for a cure for scurvy and he tried to make tea out of the leaves of the native trees they found along the coast of Australia. While the tea they brewed was not very drinkable and they named this tea as tea tree. Instead, tea tree was then frequently applied in pharmaceutical field.

      I'm fortunate enough that I seldom face the problem of acne. However, irritating acne does strike on my face after I burnt the midnight oil (Especially when I'm rushing for assignments and lab reports!) So what do I do when acne appears on my face? They are just so irritating! Who want ugly reddish acne on their faces? So daily skin care is really important to keep your face free from acne!

Thursday Plantation has a whole range of products which are specially formulated to treat acne and pimples!
In fact, everyone of us can be pimple-free in 3 easy steps! 
Let me tell you how!

It's really important to cleanse and wash your face thoroughly because bacteria and dirt are the main reasons for the formation of pimples and acne! Everyday, our faces are exposed to so many dusts and dirt (and this is inevitable!). Therefore, face cleansing will be the most important skin care step to ensure that my skin stay healthy and pimples-free! 

There are two types of face cleansers in Thursday Plantation's range, which are face cleanser and face wash respectively. For oily skin, use Thursday Plantation Daily Face Cleanser and for normal & sensitive skin, use  Thursday Plantation Daily Face Wash instead. The directions to use the both products are basically the same. First of all, wet the face thoroughly with water, the squirt either product onto wet hands. After this, rub your palms to create a lather and gently massage onto skin. Finally, rinse off the bubbles with water and pat dry your face. 

 Thursday Plantation Daily Face Wash
It comes in foam form! I love this! Ready to be rubbed on your face after squirting it from the bottle.

So foamy yeah!

The bubbles became even finer after the rubbing action! 

After washed off the bubbles, my skin felt so fresh! And the thing I like the most is that the cleanser was really mild on my face that it didn't leave a tightening feel after usage. Plus point is it smells so good! Naturally tea tree fragrance! 

Thursday Plantation Daily Face Cleanser is very different from the Face Wash.

Opps too little water!

After adding some water, fine bubbles started to form upon rubbing.

Thursday Plantation Daily Face Cleanser worked like deep cleanser on my face. It leave the tightening effect on my skin. I guess it doesn't suit me since my skin type is of combination type. 

So fresh after cleansing my face!!

So, what's the next step to have a pimples-free face? Stay tuned and I will reveal soon!!


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