Friday, 8 November 2013

Philips Innovation That Matters to You Contest

When I was in my secondary school, my Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills) teacher always say that innovative thinking is the most important thing to improve our current lives. With innovative ideas, we can change our current living environment to a better one. Great things can happen when people and sheer imagination come together to produce solutions for modern living. Your innovative ideas can help Malaysians everywhere live in safer cities and healthier homes! Learn how you can make a difference. What are your ideas for building safer cities and healthier homes? Watch the video to understand more!

So, let's see how the contest works!

OMG winning idea will be given life by Philips!! It's like Philips is helping you to turn your idea into reality! Wow this sounds so attractive to me! Not sure on what ideas to give? Aiyah very easy one! First of all, your idea must be realistic enough that it can be implemented practically in our daily life. Of course! Phillips is not a magician, so they can't cast spells and do magical things LOL! In addition, try to propose some sustainable ideas that it should demonstrate a long term viability. Moreover, a good idea should benefit as many people as possible! Not that difficult right? Let's get your creative juice flowing because you're going to win PRIZES if your ideas are selected!!

Philips is  really generous in giving prizes! 
Prizes worth total of RM 5000 are to be won! 
So hurry up! 

Hop on to Philips' website and submit your idea to stand a chance in winning yourself one of these awesome prizes!! The contest will end on 14-11-2013. Don't forget to spread this good news to your friends and family! (Maybe all of you can collect all the prizes together LOL!!!)

Check my idea for healthy homes! 
(Cannot laugh at me hor!!)
Actually I wish to write more, but we are limited to a 500 words submission only =.=
I want to write an essay on this! 

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