Saturday, 2 November 2013

Official Launch of The GUESS Luxe Leather Handbag Collection

      Hello! Great news of this week: My Test 1 is over woohoo!! And the next day itself , I was invited to the Official Launch of The GUESS Luxe Leather Handbag Collection happening at GUESS Accessories located at The Gardens! Thanks Butterfly for the invitation! I'm sure that everyone of you heard about GUESS before right? Besides being famous of their jeans, GUESS accessories always catch my attention with their arm candies! Opps off topic! It's Handbag Launch today lah hahaha!

Although the shop was closed for us but there were still many people peeping at us from outside LOL!

The theme of the day is white and luckily I have a whole dress and a white bag with me here! And to my maximum surprise, the shop was specially furnished with fake walls to white to match the theme of the day! 

My outfit of the night

Right Front-Timeless Box Satchel Bag 
Right Behind-Timeless Shopper Bag
Timeless Series are available in both grey and taupe 

Middle-Patty Shopper Bag in Leopard print

My G's Series
Left- Box Satchel Bag
Right- File Clutches
 Seriously their prints are so nice! 

My G's Series in Black 

Left Bottom Front-Timeless Box Satchel Bag in Taupe
Left Bottom Behind-Timeless Shopper Bag in Taupe

Hey I like these!!
Although they are not the in the latest Winter-Fall Collection and the Pre-Spring Collection, but it just caught my attention!

No this is too small for me

Actually the gold chain caught my eyes, instead of the bag haha!

Leather Backpack!
I just couldn't resist backpack!
(Personally I think backpack is the best bag ever in the world!)


Primrose Large Zip Around Organizer (Available in amethyst also)
Look at the double stitches!! You know how difficult it is to make the double stitches?

Timeless VS My G's

My G's File Clutch in Coffee

Golden Cage and Tilda!
Before introducing the bags, I would like to first introducing my friends! Standing in the middle is Jessica and right is Celyx! They are both very friendly and cute! So glad to be able to meet them in this event, hopefully we can catch up with each other again soon!

I'm carrying Black Golden Cage Carry All Bag, Jessica carrying Golden Cage Light Peach Mini Flap Bag and Celyx carrying Tilda Light Peach Large Tote.

Pretty Emcee of the day, Patricia K
當晚司儀,Patricia K

All of us was entertained by the sexy Burlesque-themed dance!

Tammy in her fashionable Red ombre hair!! Awwww I was so tempted to do the same ombre on my hair!
Come give me some opinion, turquoise or pink? 
I love both colours and I'm thinking to choose either one of them. (Or both colours on my hair? XD)

Met this cute and humour Yin Yin!
Have been reading her blog for a long time and met her in person during the launch! 

Tuna on cracker

Fresh and sweet!

Mushroom Tart was so good!

Prawn on a toast with Avocado on top
Spring Rolls with Duck Meat Fillings

Fried Wonton with Thai sauce

Mini Beef Burger 
I love the beef patties! Was so good!

Noodles with light sauce
Tasted quite Chinese to me

My favourite desserts!
Top row: Chocolate Tarts
Chocolate tart came with generous amount of chocolate fillings! The chocolate was so fluid that it was flowing happily in my mouth!!
Bottom: Cream Tarts

Carrot Cakes

Faster hop to GUESS Accessories Store @ The Gardens to check out more on the GUESS Luxe Leather Handbags! You definitely will love them! And again, thanks Butterfly for the invitation! It was a great night indeed!


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