Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Wonder Food Adventure @1Utama's Food Street

   As you know, I'm a food lover that searching for yummy food is my favorite hobby! (Now you know why I can't stop growing fatter these years ==) First of all, special thanks to 1Utama for inviting me to join their awesome Wonder Food Adventure at 1Utama's Food Street yesterday! I was a bit late yesterday because I lost my way in the super huge 1Utama!! Being as the world's 4th largest mall, 1Utama is a giant maze to me! 

Participating outlets of Wonder Food Adventure include:

LG Promenade: SS2 Goreng Pisang, Ninja Joe, Seaweed Club, I Love Yoo, Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo, Oyster King, Bisou, Mr Cendol, Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh, Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights.

LG Highstreet: Lameeya, BBQ Chicken, Food Box, Vivo American Pizza and Panini, and Lava.


Yes! 1Utama is having special event this month! 
This month is the Wonder Food month at 1Utama from 4 - 24 Nov, 2013.
Want to know more about it?
Keep reading!

   Wait a minute!! Hold on!! I heard people asking question in front of the monitor! (Drama moment again==) Excuse me, where is Food Street? 1Utama got Food Street meh?

Yes! There is a Food Street in Lower Ground of 1Utama, stretching from LG Promenade to LG Highstreet! Curious that what eateries can be found in this Food Street? Let me show you what can be found in it!Today, I'm a food detective in 1Utama!! Let the Detective Princess show you what are the hidden yummylicious food in Food Street of 1Utama! Opps, before you start to read this entry, I need to warn you that this will be a yummy post with tonnes of delicious and drooling looking food photos! So you better have some snacks with you while reading my post today hehehehe! 

公主我一直一來對美食都有莫名的熱誠,人啊本來就以食為天嘛!今天就讓我當個美食偵探員!為你們介紹1Utama Lower Ground 的美食街有什麽臥虎藏龍的美食!(調整帽子+推眼鏡) 話説一天下來我真的飽得快死了!(看來又要繼續變胖了T.T)

1Utama Food Street is so huge or I should say that it is enormous! Hmm Hmm let's start start our food journey from LG Promenade!

今天第一閒店!Ninja Joe Burgers!
First shop of the day: Ninja Joe Burgers!

Pork Burgers Oh yeah!!!

此店招牌:Hikkori BBQ 熏肉堡
Signature of the shop: Hikkori BBQ Smoked Buger

Looking yummy!

Smoked bacon was so great! The bacon is really thin without much fat on it. It was sliced into very thin slice so the bacon slice become very crispy after being smoked!

Although the patty was BBQ-ed, but it still remained juicy and tender!

Food Street flooded with shoppers on Saturday!

  2nd station: Ko Hyang Korean Restaurant 

I'm a Korean food lover so I was really happy to see a Korean restaurant in 1Utama Food Street! I always hunt for yummy authentic Korean food at Ampang Korean Village which is super far and difficult to reach. Now I can satisfy can Korean food crave at 1Utama's Food Street! Much nearer and I can have them right after shopping spree at 1Utama!

Side dishes: Kimchi was pretty good! but a bit too soft, I would prefer a crunchier one.

Egg Soup

Chicken Bibimbap. I love how their egg was fried.

I was really surprised that they use purple rice to prepare this dish! So healthy! The spice sauce was too light for me, I would prefer a spicier taste.

3rd Station: Mr. Cendol 

No need to eat yummy Cendol at road side under the hot sun anymore, now you can enjoy it in the air-conditioned 1Utama Food Street!

Faster come and have a taste of it now!


一直以來以精致漂亮的Cup Cake聞名的Bisou現在也可以在1UTAMA Food Street 找得到哦!來到這裡就讓我想起以前和Dinah, Esther 和昭妤在KLCC的Bisou狂拍照的時候!

4th Station: Bisou
Bisou which is always famous of their pretty cup cakes is now available at IUTAMA Food Street!

I just couldn't resist Dreamy shop like this hahaha!

Cup cake of the Month!
本月Cup Cake 是純巧克力的!

第5站:SeaWeed Club
專賣salad popiah 的漂亮小茶館,他們也有賣茶哦!店很可愛,很有田園Feel, 是喝下午茶聊天的好地方!

5th Station: SeaWeed Club
A pretty shop which sells salad popiah and tea! The shop is so lovely and nicely decorated! A great place to have tea with friends. 

So many healthy seaweed popiah at such affordable price!

They also sell tea bags!

Tuna Salad Popiah and a pot of GenMai Green Tea for me
Light and fresh and low calories!

Tuna Salad Popiah& 一壺Genmai 綠茶


The grean tea was really fragrant and nice! OMG what happened to my hair?
So now you know where to go if you want to have a cup of tea with friends after shopping at 1Utama!

第6站:BBQ Chicken 

對於BBQ Chicken 我一點都不陌生,在韓國的日子裏都不知道吃了多少只他們店的雞,簡直就是韓國人最愛的宵夜啊!來到這閒店我真的充滿回憶,以前在房間開Party都會叫他們的外賣~好啦不要再想當年啦!好像老太婆!今天是美食偵探員啊!

6th Station: BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken is no stranger to me, it's my favorite supper in Korea!!! And this is a must-order-delivery-supper in Korea!! Though of those happy chicken party in room with my friends in Korea! I'm really glad to see BBQ Chicken's outlet in 1Utama's Food Street! Now I can satisfy my crave for Korean style fried chicken easily without having to fly all the way to Korea!

Great place for large group and family gathering.

今天吃了BBQ Chicken的招牌:橄欖油炸雞和碳烤雞肉~雖然薯條是配角,但這個配角也太搶鏡了!好吃到很誇張!酥酥脆脆不說,重點是滿滿的Butter 香!我快死了啦!太好吃了!

Golden Olive Fried Chicken, Jerk BBQ Chicken and Korean Charbroiled chicken.
Do you know that they use olive oil to fry their chicken! Very healthy and not that heaty!

第7站:VIVO American Pizza and Panini 
7th Station: VIVO American Pizza and Panini

I was so full!!!

燻雞肉BBQ Pizza

Smoked Chicken BBQ Pizza
The chicken slices were well marinated and it goes really well with the thin crust!

Dessert Time: Volcanoic Chocolate with Vanilla Ice-cream


This is the best dish of the day!! Look at the chocolate!! Couldn't stop oozing from the chocolate cake! OMG this is heavenly good!! Divine! The chocolate is warm with touch of caramel taste, my love indeed!! Perfect match with the icy cold vanilla ice-cream!

8th Station: FoodBox


Chinese Traditional Food
It's really great to see eatery selling such traditional Chinese food in a shopping mall. Now I don't have to go all the way back to my kampung just to eat Hakka Braised Pork! Just drop by at the Food Street and enjoy!

Kuih Koci my favorite food from Pasar Malam!

Oh I remember I used to eat this as breakfast when I was still in secondary school!

9th Station: LAVA

French Desserts

A nice place to have some light snacks with friends.

Oh look at their menu!

Cinammon Churros 

10th Station: I Love Yoo!

Wow I should have these as my breakfast! So healthy! 

They have all types of Chinese style breakfast!

Very affordable! Great for students like me hahaha!
(And I have no idea on why I can't rotate this photo ==)

All of the food here are freshly prepared and hot from the frying pot!

Sesame Peanut Ball

Generous amount of peanut filling!

11th Station: Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo

They even have the combo set!

Various types of Yong Tau Foo to choose from

12th Station: SS2 Goreng Pisang
Who said goreng pisang is road-side snack? Now you can get them in 1Utama! With better hygiene condition I guess.

Oh My!!!! These friend stuffs are saying Hello to me!

Goreng Pisang and Fried Ricecake

One whole banana!!

Ricecake was sandwiched between yam slice and tapioca slice

第13站:Oyster King 
13rd station: Oyster King

專賣任何和蠔/蚵仔 有關的小吃

A small stall selling all food related to oysters!

14th Station: Lameeya

They sell various types of Chinese cuisine

Cozy and comfortable dining environment
A great place for family dining after shopping hehehe~ 

15th Station: Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh

What?! Bak Kut Teh in 1Utama?! Are you serious? OMG that's too great!! I'm a huge fans of bak kut teh you know!!! Now I don't have to go all the way to Klang just to have Bak Kut Teh, just come to 1Utama's Food Street! 

        I'm sure that you're hungry now because I'm hungry too! Looking at these yummy food, ranging from western to Asian; breakfast to supper; snacks to proper meals, name it and you can find it in the Food Street! After this Wonder Food Adventure, now I know that there is a wide variety if chic eateries offered at 1Utama Food Street! Shoppers! Visit 1 Utama's Food Street now to explore and satisfy your cravings for authentic local street food instead of travelling to Penang or Melaka! All of the best among the best are now gathered together at the Food Street so you don't have to survey here and there and hunt for the best food because only the best will be served here! Now 1Utama's Food Street has become my top listed food paradise in KL! As if a food hub that gathers all the best food in Malaysia and even foreign cuisines!

        Remember that I mentioned at the beginning of my post that this month is Wonder Food Month in 1Utama? There are so many exciting activities in 1Utama that you might bring home some FREE shopping voucher! As a reward to ONECARD member, you get to enjoy unlimited fun activities such as hand waxing, caricature, nail art, air brush tattoo, face painting and hair spray when you spend RM50 at any ONECARD Food& Beverage outlets! For non-ONECARD member, you have to spend RM80 to join these activities (So I personally suggest you to pay RM10 to be an ONECARD member because this is more worthy hahahha!) All of these are happening on Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm at LG Oval & LG Promenade! 

         In addition, you stand a chance to be one of the 50 weekly winners to get RM100 ONECARD shopping voucher when you dine minimum RM100N at any ONECARD food and beverage outlets. Earn 1 chance for every weekly accumulative spend of RM100 and spend more to get more chances to win! 

         Errr, I heard questions from you again, What is ONECARD that I have been talking about? ONECARD is 1Utama official privilege card. You can earn 1UPoint for every RM1 spent at ONECARD participating outlets. Then accumulate and redeem UPoints like cash to pay instant purchases, meals, services and entertainment. So syiok right?! I have an ONECARD also!! 

Tadah! Cute hor?

Again, many thanks to the below parties for organizing such fun and awesome adventure for us! Thank you!



  1. nyum nyum nyum! I can still remember the yummiest of the food :P hehe

    1. Illy when I was blogging I got hungry again!! And it's really sweet of you to remember my name!! I didn't expect it at all~ Feel so happy!! Hope to see you again in upcoming events!

  2. Oh wow, did you seriously take all your photos from your phone because they are really good. How did yu avoid camera shake? I liked how big and delicious all your food photos. I'm so sad I missed out on this challenge but it looks like you had so much fun. By the way, I like the name of your blog - it's so sweet and fairytale-like!

    1. Dear ShopGirl,

      Thanks for the lovely comment!! I used Samsung S2 to take all the photos! In fact I hardly face the problem of camera shake with this handphone :D
      Thanks so much for liking my photos!! I'm so happy to hear that!
      Oh why did you miss out the challenge? This is really very fun and enjoyable!! Maybe we can meet each other in next upcoming events! :)
      Haha my blog name is actually my nickname that my friends gave me hehehhe~~

      Thanks for reading! ^^

  3. Dear ShopGirl,
    apparently your eyes are good enough to spot what are good photographs. I took 1 look at some of the photos and I knew instantly the photos have some issues.
    Some are out of focus or focused on wrong spot.
    Some are blurry (as in camera shake)
    Some have bad lighting

    Not saying that PrincessNeverland is a bad at what she did, just that those are limitations of a phone camera. Coupled by the fact that these photos are posted on the web, thus the resolution is low, your limited experience with good photos fooled you into thinking they are good.


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