Monday, 4 November 2013

Garden Of Eden Grape E Anti Aging Serum

      Oh Yeah finally it's intra-semester break now!!! I have one week of happy holiday at home now yeah yeah! And guess what I saw in my mailbox when I reached home? A parcel from HiShop! The typical familiar pink box which always bring excitement to me hehe! Garden Of Eden Grape E Anti Aging Serum finally reached my home!

As usual, beauty products ordered from HiShop will be perfectly bubble-wrapped to protect the beauty products from damage during the courier process.

       Not sure on what this serum is? Garden Of Eden Grape E Anti Aging Serum is a delicate blend of pure grape seed oil & natural vitamin E. It packs a powerful antioxidant punch which can help us to defend ourselves against aging. This serum effectively neutralizes the destructive effects of free radicals, which is the leading cause of premature aging. In addition, it supplements our skin with essential nutrients that are crucial to moisturizing and revitalizing the skin. A daily use of the serum gives you a firm, youthful and healthy looking skin while delaying the signs of aging.

       Containing two types of active ingredients, which are grape seed oil and natural vitamin E, this serum can give a triple action benefits on our skin after long term usage! It manages to 
              1. Preserve skin's youthfulness
              2. Promote cellular renewal
              3. Prevent moisture loss
         Oh  gosh these three are what I need now!! I'm getting older and older T.T And anti-aging is a must to prevent pre-matured and dull-looking skin! So now let's see the effect of this serum on me!

Dropper! I don't know why but I have weird obsession over laboratory apparatus LOL!

The serum is obviously very concentrated because it is quite viscous. The serum doesn't have any smell at all.

       After cleansing my face, I massaged 2-3 drops of Grape E Serum onto my face and allowed it to be absorbed during the massage. It can be used during day and night but it is better to use it during the day to provide your skin with antioxidant protection. I only use it during the day because wanna save on the serum hahahaha!! For best results, you can also apply Garden of Eden Satin White Day Cream SPF30++ after the serum so that your skin can be 100% shielded from aging! 

The serum was absorbed by my skin very fast after application!

After five days of continuous usage, my skin texture is more refined and it feels more firmed and better toned. Hopefully after long term of usage, my skin will radiate with youthful glow! (Very greedy haha!)

If you are my old reader, you should know that me Princess do not edit photos, so the same goes to this as well. Also, this is my before-sleep photo without anything on my face. #Seriouslyflawlessskin LOLL!

   What I like the most about Garden Of Eden Grape E Anti Aging Serum is that it contains:
        1. No animal ingredients
        2. No alcohol (important!!)
        3. No preservatives
        4. No colouring
        5. No artificial fragrances
        6. No mineral oil
        7. No synthetic ingredients
Personally I love the effects of Garden Of Eden Grape E Anti Aging Serum on my skin. It can be absorbed very fast without leaving any oily feel on my face. Also, it doesn't have any synthetic ingredients and preservatives, which are the important reasons that made me to like it.  

I posted a photo of the serum when I received it from the postman and many of my friends and followers asked me where did I buy it. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, you can get Garden Of Eden Grape E Anti Aging Serum from HiShop, the online beauty and cosmetic shop that I visited the most! They only sell genuine products so I can shop without worries! And good news is that they are having 20% discount on Garden of Eden's products! Hop on to their website and subscribe them here for more info! And don't forget to like their Facebook page because they will be having awesome giveaways from time to time! Twitter users can follow them here also to get the exclusive updates! 

Exclusive for Neverland's readers!! My readers you are all lucky enough because you will receive an exclusive RM20* rebate when you shop on HiShop! Just key in the secrect code of  GARDEN20 upon check out!
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 30 November 2013

That's all for today! Night and Bye~



  1. ahh, so nice! you got this! i didn't get chosen though for this product .

    do feel free to join my OASAP clothes giveaway too!

    1. Dear Ann,
      Ya I joined your giveaway already! Hopefully I can win LOL!

  2. Thanks for the super informative review, Sin Yee! :D Does it smell like grape at all? hehe

    1. Dear Mabel,

      Thanks for reading!! Basically it doesn't have any smell at all and this is why I like it!! No artificial fragrance at all!! Very good for my sensitive skin hehe~~~

  3. Thank you for the information...
    My mother is getting wrinkles on her face (under eyes, at chin) and she is applying anti-age wrinkle cream at night but there in not a noticeable change in it.Doctor has pointed out the deficiency of Vitamin B3 , this product have these specifications in it?

    1. Hi Eugene!

      This product is very rich in Vitamin E, which does a great job in cell renewal and promote cell growth. I don't think the product contains Vitamin B3 though.... But this product did help my mum to reduce fine lines around her eye area. Hope my answer is useful to you!

      Thanks for reading by the way! Hope to see you around more often :D

  4. Fully appreciate the value you are providing here. Keep posting like that..
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    1. Hi!

      Thanks for reading! Looking forward to see you more often here!

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    1. Hello Jhon!

      Glad to know that you find the post useful! Hope to see you more often here! :)

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  8. Why do my face sweating when I apply the satin white cream? Is it because the hot whether or something else? Can you please tell me?


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