Sunday, 17 November 2013

Farmasi Blue Eye Pencil

Looking at this familiar hot pink box, I bet you know where did I get my Farmasi Blue Eye Pencil right?
Yes!! It's from HiShop! My favorite online beauty and cosmetic online store!

Genuine Products for Genuine People.

That's why HiShop is my all time 1st choice of online store, because you don't have to worry about getting fake products! They only sell genuine products in their website! Purchasing beauty and cosmetic products from online stores is quite risky because we don't get the chance to hold and try the products by ourselves. Therefore, it's really important to purchase beauty and cosmetic products from trustworthy online stores to avoid getting cheated and conned. We as wise consumers must know our consumers' rights!

Farmasi Eye Pencil
RM 16.90

I'm a newbie in make up so a pencil eyeliner will be more suitable for me to learn how to draw eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner can create sharper and more defined eyeliner but at the same time, it's more difficult to control the tip of a liquid eyeliner. Thus, getting started from an eye pencil will be more encouraging! (At least to me lah hehe) 

Being made in EU and dermatologically tested, Farmasi products give me a sense of security that I don't have to worry about traces of heavy metals in the products. 

 Basically, Farmasi Eye Pencil comes in the form of pencil paste. What I like about it is that it can be glided on effortlessly! Maybe this is due to its creamy formula which ease up its application on skin. 

Wow the color is so vibrant! I love it!!
(Oh my flawless skin!!!)

Very easy to apply!! 
(Urghh, ignore my dark eye circle >.<)

And believe it or not, Farmasi Eye Pencil contains Vitamin E! Wow amazing!! So you are actually providing your eyelids with nutrition as you draw your eyeliner! Oh gosh make up products nowadays are getting more and more hi-tech!! After few hours of application, I was surprised to see that the blue eyeliner still stayed on my eyes without much smudging! It's quite long lasting that it didn't smudge even after I sweated.

Like Farmasi's products? You can find more of them in HiShop's website! Hop on to HiShop website and subscribe them here for more info! And don't forget to like their Facebook page because they will be having awesome giveaways from time to time! Twitter users can follow them here also to get the exclusive updates!


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